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Cyngular launches Cybersecurity Platform to Defeat Cloud Threats

New THIRDhub Platform Hunts, Investigates, Deceives, and Responds to Concrete Cyber Threats before They Become Incidents or Attacks

Cyngular Security released a new cybersecurity platform today to proactively address cloud threats: THIRDhub. Short for Threat Hunting, Investigation, Response, and Deception, THIRDhub is currently the only platform that delivers comprehensive cloud security for organizations of any size or in any industry.

Providing the missing link for Security Operations Centers (SOCs), THIRDhub keeps Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and SOC managers apace with insights that are critical to successfully battling threat actors and cyberattacks.

As a multi-tenant, multi-cloud solution, THIRDhub works directly with an organization’s internal SOC as well as for third parties such as Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) or Managed Detection and Response (MDR) teams.

“With THIRDhub, Cyngular fills critical gaps in the security stack and is the missing link all SOC professionals are seeking,” said CEO and co-founder Paul Moskovich. “CISOs want to know they can sleep quietly at night, relying on their SOC team to the fullest. In organizations with cloud environments, Cyngular’s THIRDhub hits that goal.”

Moskovich founded Cyngular Security as a result of his vast operational experience. As the former Deputy Director-General of the Israeli National Cyber Directorate (INCD) at the Prime Minister’s office, Moskovich was in charge of Israeli national operations, handling the most sophisticated cyberattacks against the Israeli cyber sphere. This experience became the foundation of THIRDhub.

Cloud security measures primarily produce alerts. THIRDhub can easily integrate these security measures or function directly based on cloud-native telemetry to help SOC analysts promptly investigate them to get the needed insights. It was purpose-built to serve startups, small-medium businesses, and enterprises.

Without THIRDhub, SOC analysts in cloud environments face the daunting task of manually going through an overwhelming number of alerts. This legacy method is not only time-consuming but also contributes to analyst fatigue and quick burnout, compromising the overall security of cloud environments. By minimizing the manual effort required in the initial stages of cloud threat hunting and investigation, THIRDhub’s autonomous capabilities help prevent the burnout that is all too common in the SOC.

For SIEM, SOAR, EDR/XDR, CSPM, DSPM, SSPM, and CNAPP, cloud threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated. This is the case for any organization with a cloud environment. Cyngular’s THIRDhub platform provides a clear view of the cloud environment’s operational security, enabling analysts to uncover nesting threats, deceive them, and quickly assess the criticality of alerts.

“Ultimately, integrating THIRDhub into a cloud security framework is not just an enhancement,” said Moskovich, “It’s a must to survive in an extremely dangerous landscape.”

Moskovich will be attending the RSA conference starting May 6, 2024, and is excited to share the groundbreaking THIRDhub platform with other attendees.

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