D-ID announced new Creative RealityTM Studio capabilities

  • D-ID’s Creative RealityTM Studio updated to give avatars emotions and elevates user interaction
  • Chat.D-ID first app enabling natural face-to-face chats using conversational AI, enhanced with customizable avatars
  • Company sees demand for its generative AI text-to-video tech skyrocket with new signup every 3 seconds

D-ID, a world leader in Generative AI and creative media, today announced significant new Creative RealityTM Studio capabilities, including a new UI, as well as the ability to add facial expressions to avatars and digital people. D-ID also announced an upgrade to its chat.d-id, giving users the ability to upload any image to ‘talk’ in real time face-to-face with a generative AI of their choice.

D-ID is consistently improving and advancing its multimodal platform to create the best user experience of its Creative RealityTM Studio for brands, corporations, creators, marketers, digital artists and more. This next-generation Studio is evidence of D-ID’s commitment to its users and to the creator community, offering a simplified approach and more control over their avatars’ voices and more realistic expressions.

Subscribers will have the option to upgrade to the new Creative RealityTM Studio version which includes:

  • Facial expression selection: Select an expression for your avatar to add more emotions and set the tone of your video. Users will be able to choose from a variety of expressions with additional expressions to be released in the near future. Richer expressions are also available via D-ID’s API.
  • Canvas Layout Selections: Tailor the shape of your story with wide, square, or vertical video formats, with more expected in the near future.
  • Layers: Add depth to your creativity by managing foreground and background elements.
  • Positioning: Precisely place and align your content to optimize visual impact.
  • Transparency: Fine-tune the visibility of your elements for a layered, immersive effect.

Creative RealityTM Studio is the first multimodal platform to combine text-image-video generation on one platform. Since its launch in the second half of 2022, D-ID’s Creative RealityTM Studio’s popularity has exploded, signing a new subscriber every three seconds, with 150 million videos generated from the technology. D-ID’s live-streaming capability and its API, launched in March 2023, boast a new developer generating an API key every four minutes. 25,000 API keys have already been generated with one million developers signed to get additional API keys. Both the Creative Reality Studio and chat.D-ID, which gives ChatGPT a face and voice, have millions of unique visitors per month. Recently, D-ID enabled users to add faces of their own choosing to chat.D-ID, as well as a text prompt to fine-tune their avatar’s personality and characteristics.

“Human imagination is limitless as we have seen from the millions of videos already created with our self-service studio,” said Gil Perry, CEO and Co-Founder of D-ID. “We are excited to be launching the next-generation studio, giving users even more control over avatars’ expressions and further enabling thousands of businesses to become prolific creators with scalable personalization.”

D-ID’s Creative Reality StudioTM enables AI-generated customized video narrators in 119 languages. The platform radically reduces the cost and hassle of creating video content by combining the company’s deep learning technology together into one offering alongside other AI-generative technologies. Brands, corporations, marketers, creators, digital artists, filmmakers, advertising agencies, illustrators, storyboard artists, music video producers, and game developers can easily create compelling videos using a single image – effectively bringing the image to life. D-ID’s Generative AI-powered video technology is available to both enterprise clients and individuals, and is also available to Microsoft PowerPoint, Canva users and additional applications.

chat.D-ID, the world’s first app enabling natural face-to-face conversations using ChatGPT and other large language models, now allows users to upload their own avatar for D-ID’s generative AI to animate and create video responses. Users can select an avatar and voice, as well as provide a brief character description. Along with using their own photos, users can upload an image of a historical, fictional, or AI-generated figure and can instruct the app to answer as if they were that person, ‘in character’ allowing for a myriad of natural interactions. The technology will be used for many purposes including training, education, AI assistance, customer support, companionship, and entertainment and chat.D-ID showcases the API’s live streaming capability.

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