AI launches solution to illuminate the digital landscape (formerly App Annie), the first unified data ai company, today announced the launch of two innovative products to help enterprises illuminate the digital landscape, identify new opportunities and maximize growth. The addition of App IQ and IAP SKU (In-App Purchase SKU) will provide insights to drive effective consumer strategies.

App IQ

Digital success requires engaging with consumers where they spend the vast majority of their time – mobile. The challenge is that mobile app store categories are antiquated causing enterprise teams to spend precious bandwidth on onerous research and manual analysis of competitors. 

App IQ illuminates the digital landscape by providing an industry-first, robust taxonomy (19 genres / 152 subgenres), combining both app stores. Enterprises can now identify new partnership opportunities, competitive threats and quickly react to the ever-changing landscape. Additionally, product teams can leverage granular competitive insights to efficiently prioritize proven capabilities to maximize consumer engagement.


The app store economy has grown to $170 billion presenting a tremendous revenue opportunity. Unfortunately, brands and publishers are unable to maximize their revenue potential because they fail to understand consumer trends, price elasticity and effective in-app purchase strategies.

Historically, IAP strategies, utilized by leading publishers, were hard to understand and replicate. For the first time, IAP SKU provides visibility into effective IAP strategies leveraged by competitors. Additionally, consumer trends and price elasticity can now be understood so that publishers can orchestrate an end-to-end strategy to maximize growth.

Ketaki Rao, Chief Product Officer,, “After tremendous adoption of our first industry product from the IQ product line, Game IQ, we are excited to offer App IQ and IAP SKU to our customers. We will continue to out-innovate our competition with advanced AI capabilities.”

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