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Data Analytics-driven Alight Expands Global Benefits with Benify

For many multinational companies, managing multiple benefits providers can be a cumbersome and fragmented process. To help ease this administrative burden so employers can focus delivering better benefits experiences to their global workforce, Alight Solutions is expanding its relationship with Benify, a global HR technology company, to launch Alight Global Benefits.

Alight Global Benefits helps multinational companies manage their global benefits programs by integrating all offerings into a seamless, scalable platform. Alight Global Benefits enables companies to digitalize and streamline administrative processes across multiple countries and vendors, while providing the flexibility necessary to operate in different localities. With dashboard visualizations that display employee engagement, benefits utilization and cost savings, companies also gain valuable insights into the ROI of their benefits programs in every location.

For their part, employees can easily access and maximize their benefits through the platform, where they receive targeted, personalized communications on their preferred channel, with valuable and engaging benefits information based on their location, eligibility and life situation.

“It can be very difficult to deliver benefits that meet the varied needs of employees who reside in diverse environments and cultures around the world,” said Colin Brennan, chief product strategy & services officer at Alight. “With Alight Global Benefits, companies have a seamless, cost-effective way to attain and administer multinational programs, while providing employees with benefits that are differentiators at the local level.”

Alight Global Benefits represents Alight and Benify’s continued effort to offer holistic benefits options and deliver stronger total rewards strategies to clients worldwide. Earlier this year, the companies together launched the global component of Alight Total Rewards.

“Although every multinational is unique in its products or services, we know many share the challenge of managing employee benefits across borders,” said Joakim Alm, CEO of Benify. “The key to driving an effective global benefits program is adopting a global-but-local approach, where you’re managing the strategy from head office using a single platform, but your benefits are localised to each country. Through our relationship with Alight, multinationals get the solutions they need to engage and empower employees worldwide.”

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