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Data Analytics for Diagnostics Co. Zepp Health Moves To AWS

Leading Health Technology Developer Adopts AWS infrastructure to support 38 million active smart health device users and population health managers, globally

Zepp Health Corp. (NYSE: ZEPP) today announced that it has chosen to move the vast majority of its IT infrastructure to Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), an company. Zepp Health is leveraging AWS’s global infrastructure, industry-leading security and compliance capabilities, and comprehensive suite of cloud services to drive its business strategy in more than 70 countries and support 38 million smart wearable device users worldwide. Zepp Health developed a proprietary technology platform, which has driven an expanding line of smart health devices for consumers, data analytics services for population health, and industrial medical technology for diagnostics and care delivery. The company is one of the largest global developers of smart wearable health and consumer fitness devices, shipping 46 million units in 2020.

Zepp Health’s cloud-based health services include managing user data from wearable devices to monitor cardiovascular activity, aid in medical research, and improve health consultations. Using near-field communication (NFC), a set of communication protocols that enable communication between two electronic devices that are less than 4 cm less apart, on these devices, users can make payments, access public transport, and adopt keyless access to buildings and facilities. By building these health cloud services on AWS, the company collects and stores terabytes of data daily on AWS’s secure and scalable global infrastructure, including AWS regions in China, the United States, Singapore, Germany, and India.

With AWS services, Zepp Health is accelerating the development of its next generation of smart wearables. The company uses a variety of AWS storage, database, serverless, container, and analytics capabilities to strengthen its management solution. For example, Zepp Health is using Amazon DynamoDB, a key-value and document database that delivers single-digit millisecond performance at any scale, to store and manage core data, including users’ health and exercise related information. Zepp Health is also using Amazon Redshift, the most widely used cloud data warehouse; Amazon Kinesis, an analytics service to easily collect, process, and analyze real-time, streaming data; and Amazon EMR, the industry-leading cloud big data platform for processing vast amounts of data using open source tools, to scale big data environments for petabyte-scale analysis. Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based voice AI, is also currently built into to Zepp Health’s new Amazfit Band 5 and will be integrated into Zepp Health’s future smart bands and smartwatches.

Zepp Health chose AWS because it is the most flexible and secure cloud-computing environment available today. Using the same secure hardware and software in each AWS region is vital for Zepp Health to operate its services in the face of constant change, ranging from minor weather events to information security issues. AWS is backed by a deep set of cloud security tools, with 230 security, compliance, and governance services and key features. Moreover, AWS supports 90 security standards and compliance certifications, and all 117 AWS services that store customer data offer the ability to encrypt that data, enabling Zepp Health to ensure comprehensive protection for its user data.

“We are committed to helping companies like Zepp Health use our reliable, secure and scalable global infrastructure to establish a unified technical architecture around the world. With AWS, Zepp Health can manage their infrastructure easily and efficiently, and deploy their business globally in a fast, flexible, and secure manner, all while meeting the local compliance requirements in countries around the world,” said Li Xiaomang, General Manager, Commercial Sector, AWS Greater China.

“Zepp Health continues to enter new markets and expand its global business,” said Mike Yeung, Chief Operating Officer, Zepp Health. “Protecting the security and privacy of our users’ personal data is our top priority. AWS has a strong global infrastructure and industry-leading cloud technologies and services, including security that helps us strengthen our health data security. Choosing AWS gives our users the confidence that we can ensure the security and privacy of their personal data.”

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