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Data Analytics Leader mLogica & Digital Transformation Co. Atos Partner

Agreement empowers U.S. tech firm to migrate large enterprise customers and databases to the cloud with maximum speed and accuracy and minimum disruption

mLogica, LLC, a global leader in hyperscale big data analytics and cloud modernization, today announced a strategic collaboration agreement with global leader in digital transformation Atos. A renowned innovator in advanced analytics and cloud modernization, mLogica offers proprietary software that facilitates the translation of code from outdated on-premise platforms to modern cloud architecture.

Atos provides tailored end-to-end solutions for all industries in 71 countries. The European leader in cybersecurity, cloud and high-performance computing, they specialize in ultra-high-performance servers that allow users to perform complex, in-depth computations on very large data sets.

This new strategic relationship will enable customers of both companies to accelerate their distributed and mainframe modernizations to the Atos advanced computing platform or the public cloud. In addition, with the convergence of each firm’s ultra-high-performance systems, Atos and mLogica will now provide CAP*M, a multi-petabyte-scale big data solution, to global customers in both the commercial and public sectors.

The agreement follows mLogica’s recent acquisition of Atos’s software LIBER*M, which facilitates legacy IBM and Atos BullSequana mainframe modernization, allowing decades-old systems, some supporting globally-recognized brands, to seamlessly migrate to the cloud. It also further buttresses mLogica’s offering for its STAR*M automated migration software portfolio.

“Since our founding in 2004, mLogica has built strong alliances with key global systems integrators, enabling some of the largest customers worldwide to modernize their mission-critical enterprise environments via our automated migration technologies,” says Amit Okhandiar, president and CEO of mLogica.

He adds, “With Atos’s focus on advanced cloud analytics, hyperscale big data, and digital transformation to the cloud, supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning-based automation solutions, both organizations can now offer our customers the latest high-performance systems to modernize their legacy environments and accelerate the accomplishment of business goals.”

Jerome Sandrini, SVP and Global Head of Sales Big Data, BDS Atos, agrees, “With Atos’s best-in-class computing power and our pioneering Quantum Learning Machine, we’re helping to design the future of the information space. This collaboration with mLogica will give customers of both firms access to the newest, most innovative technologies, including tools to automate their database migrations to the cloud.”

The collaboration also gives Atos and its clients access to mLogica’s industry-leading CAP*Mhyperscale big data platform. With businesses today facing an enormous upsurge in the volume and types of data coming in from social media, connected devices and more, CAP*M allows organizations to ingest and store more than a hundred terabytes to over three petabytes per day of mixed data; enabling them to analyze these large amounts of data fast enough to leverage it strategically.

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