Data Kinetic commences operations internationally

Founder and CEO Nick King to Speak at Databricks Data + AI Summit

Data Kinetic, a platform agnostic industry-focused applied AI research, development, and advisory company, has announced the commencement of operations internationally. The company’s mission is to accelerate the enterprise adoption of advanced applied AI, particularly in complex vertical use cases.

By leveraging its specialized knowledge, expertise, and experience, Data Kinetic will provide targeted solutions, address challenges, and facilitate the successful integration of AI technologies into various industries, such as Oil & Gas, Supply Chain, Insurance, Healthcare, and Financial Services.

Applied AI applications hold great promise and have already revolutionized various aspects of operations for some enterprises, offering numerous benefits such as increased efficiency, cost savings, and improved decision-making. However, many organizations struggle to successfully implement and integrate it into the business landscape with measurable results.

CEO and Founder of Data Kinetic, Nick King, a 20-year veteran in the AI sector, who has held senior leadership roles with Microsoft, Google Cloud, DataRobot, Snowplow, and others, will bring his extensive experience to bear, such as helping enterprises address some of their greatest challenges in applied AI.

Commenting on the launch of Data Kinetic, King said: “Our mission is to accelerate the enterprise adoption of advanced applied AI, particularly in complex vertical use cases. We focus on bringing novel approaches to solve enterprise problems and build from a variety of best practices and foundational components. Our approach begins with an analysis of the business outcomes required, and then we work back to ensure the delivery of those outcomes in production. We are excited to launch Data Kinetic and look forward to helping enterprises navigate the AI landscape, and deliver outcomes aligned to their business goals.”

An industry-first platform agnostic approach to applied AI

One of Data Kinetic’s key differentiators in the applied AI space is its platform-agnostic approach, designed to allow organizations to build on their investments and move within existing trusted systems to achieve their AI outcomes. By focusing on industry-specific needs and challenges, enterprises can develop tailored solutions that effectively address the nuances of their respective sectors. Through this approach, Data Kinetic will help organizations realize their applied AI goals.

Data Kinetic set to radically improve and reduce costs in ESG supply chain compliance

One of the first outcomes that Data Kinetic will offer is an AI-based intelligence to radically improve and simplify ESG supply chain compliance. This is a major issue worldwide as pressure from stakeholders mounts for organizations to document and improve ESG performance and compliance. For most organizations, this is an extremely complex task and one that is almost impossible to guarantee accuracy. On average, two-thirds of an organization’s ESG footprint lies with suppliers, according to a recent survey. This can amount to tens of thousands of individual suppliers. With ESG supplier audits being heavily reliant on manual processes, questionnaires, and investigations, is not only highly resource-intensive, but it’s also extraordinarily inaccurate.

Data Kinetic’s ESG supply chain solution automates supplier compliance and intelligence at scale using Large Language Models and applied AI/ML, alongside the ability to rapidly identify key trends and potential areas for investigation. It can manage large volumes of unstructured data, creating ESG baselines that can be inferred within specific industries, uncover detailed insights from other sources such as news reporting and invoices, and combine this information using LLM and ML models. As a result, organizations will be presented with actionable insights into their ESG performance to help teams focus on outliers and respond to near real-time market changes, ensuring teams a safe, compliant supplier ecosystem.

Learn more about the solution here:

Databricks’ Data + AI Summit

King will be speaking at the Databricks’ Data + AI Summit in San Francisco on June 29 at 3:30 p.m. PST addressing a session titled, “Rapidly Scaling Applied AI/ML With Foundational Models and Applying Them to Modern AI/ML Use Cases.”

This session will provide a logical overview of foundational models available today (in addition to LLM/ChatGPT), demonstrate a real-world use case, and provide a business framework for data scientists and business leaders to collaborate to rapidly deploy these use cases.

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