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DataCore announced the launch of Single Node Swarm

Widespread Applicability in Smaller Storage Deployments for Today’s IT Organizations

Leveraging over two decades of experience in storage technologies, DataCore continues to innovate in data management and edge computing. DataCore Single Node Swarm signifies a strategic initiative to address the unique demands of today’s IT organizations, particularly in smaller storage deployments, ROBO and edge locations, where local data storage and processing are critical.

In today’s IT landscape, the concept of data gravity—where data accumulates and attracts more data and applications—poses major challenges, especially in space-constrained environments. Combining Kubernetes-based container technology obtained from an earlier acquisition of MayaData with DataCore’s flagship object storage offering, Single Node Swarm introduces a groundbreaking containerized object storage platform. This addresses inherent challenges in smaller environments allowing data to be stored, managed, and protected, reducing latency, increasing throughput, and enabling swift local data processing.

Future-Ready Technology for Demanding Workloads

“Reflecting on Gartner’s prediction that by 2025, 75% of enterprise-generated data will be processed outside traditional data centers, Single Node Swarm is DataCore’s response to this market shift,” said Abhi Dey, Chief Product Officer at DataCore Software. “It embodies our strategic commitment to our customers as they modernize their IT infrastructure,” he added.

Single Node Swarm provides a software-defined object storage solution that delivers robust data protection and archiving for smaller deployments. It ensures cyber resilience against ransomware, unauthorized access, and data loss. The architecture embodies hardware freedom and flexibility, allowing organizations to choose the ideal equipment for their computing needs, without being locked into specific hardware vendors. Businesses can leverage this simplified cost-efficient platform, optimizing their operations and paving the way for sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

Widespread Applicability Across IT Landscapes

Single Node Swarm brings enterprise-class data management to small IT environments across various industry sectors, including:

  • Healthcare: Medical data storage and access in remote and mobile facilities.
  • Financial Services: Archiving and long-term data preservation at branch locations.
  • Retail: Enabling on-site inventory and sales records management.
  • Education: Supporting remote campus data management and content delivery.
  • Travel & Logistics: Storing and protecting documents in decentralized networks.
  • Media & Entertainment: Facilitating local access to media assets from production.
  • Research: Securing research data at remote sites.

Early Reviews and Market Anticipation

Timo Fischer, Managing Director of Campus Computersysteme GmbH, shared his excitement about the launch: “We are pleased to support the launch of Single Node Swarm from DataCore. This innovative data storage offering is perfectly tailored to the needs of our customers. Now we can offer our customers data protection and active archiving – which are usually only available in large data centers – for smaller on-site installations. The compact form factor, delivered at a fair price, means storing more data with less effort. Thanks to DataCore’s proven software-defined approach, we are completely vendor-independent when it comes to hardware.”

Learn how Single Node Swarm can transform your edge computing strategy:

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