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Datadobi and Wasabi Announce Technology Alliance

DobiMigrate and DobiProtect Tested and Validated to Integrate Seamlessly with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage — Provides Enterprise-Class Solution for Migrating to and Protecting Business-Critical Data in the Cloud 

Datadobi® and Wasabi have announced a Technology Alliance Partnership, under which DobiMigrate® and DobiProtect® have been tested and validated to integrate seamlessly with Wasabi hot cloud storage. The new joint offering provides channel solutions providers and end clients with an enterprise-class solution for migrating unstructured data from anywhere to Wasabi hot cloud storage, as well as enhanced protection against accidents, ransomware, and other cyberthreats — at a total storage cost that is as much as 80% less than competitors.

Channel solutions providers and/or end clients that wish to store business-critical data with Wasabi can now leverage DobiMigrate to increase data migration speed, safety, and efficiency; and in doing so, realize faster ROI and lower TCO on their cloud storage investment. In addition, for those that wish to further fortify their data protection, DobiProtect enables Wasabi storage to be leveraged as a bunker site to store and protect golden copies of business-critical data. Should disaster strike, Datadobi enables the avoidance of additional cost, time, and headaches as its users are able to recover data entirely or restore just a subset.

“We at Wasabi know the best place for your business to store its data is with Wasabi but moving all your data here is easier said than done,” said David Friend CEO, Wasabi. “Datadobi removes the pain points and risk associated with migrating data from other storage systems, whether on-premises or in the cloud, giving back your time, saving you money, and minimizing any worries you may have about the migration process.”

“This partnership agreement underscores Datadobi’s commitment to support migration to and protection across every data storage platform and environment,” said Michael Jack, Vice President of Global Sales and Co-Founder, Datadobi. “Wasabi is an ideal partner in this respect, as they too recognize the importance of enabling channel partners and end users to freely choose the best storage to meet their unique business, IT, and budgetary goals.” He continued, “And, for those seeking a second or third copy in the cloud, off-site disaster recovery, an active and accessible data archive, or long-term storage, Wasabi’s breakthrough price-performance makes it an ideal choice for our partners and end clients alike.”

“From an end client point of view, virtually all need and want cloud storage now more than ever. Wasabi has already established itself as an appealing option due to its predictable pricing model, low-cost, and high-performance. Now with this technology alliance, and the interoperability validation of DobiMigrate and DobiProtect with Wasabi, it has never been easier, faster, or safer than it is today to move data to Wasabi. This really makes it a no-brainer,” said Dale Foster, President, Climb Channel Solutions. “And, from a reseller and MSP point of view, this enables them to further increase their margins while still delivering a product that is far below the average industry price, making the total cost of solutions like backup and recovery even more highly attractive to buyers.” 

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