DataGrand, A Leading AI+RPA Vendor Raises $90M From C-Round Financing

DataGrand, a well-known AI and RPA vendor announced it had successfully completed Series C financing of $90 million (RMB 580 million). The investment comes from four leading investment banks, including CITIC Securities, CMS Securities, GF Securities, CSC Securities, as well as prestigious investment organizations such as SCGC, Hundreds Capital, Xiang He Capital, Legend Star and Sunshine Insurance Group. DataGrand will use the fund to strengthen its lead advantage in Intelligent RPA arena, and accelerate technical innovation and industrial application of its core products and solutions, such as Natural Language Processing(NLP), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Knowledge Graph, Intelligent Recommendations and Hyperautomation.

Since 2015, DataGrand has finished rounds of financing, investors including many prestigious institutions such as ZhenFund, SAIF, Eastern Bell Capital and SCGC. DataGrand was named an IDC Innovator and one of KPMG China 50 leading Fintech companies. In 2021, DataGrand was listed in Forbes China Enterprise Technology 50, Deloitte China Technology Fast and rated the first “National Specialized, Fined, Peculiar and New Little Giant Enterprise” in the industry nationwide. It is also the first enterprise with the highest software maturity (CMMI5) in the industry.

“Intelligent RPA” System was first created by DataGrand which combines RPA (Robotic Process Automation) with IDP (Intelligent Document Process), and has been extensively applied to intelligent office scenarios in enterprises such as contract review, data search and recommendation, automatic reporting, text analysis, etc., creating value for many Fortune 500’s “smart office”.

Intensive document processing work, such as document comparison, data search and report writing are very common in many industries. The specific work may include approval of bank credit approval, review of financial report, quality control of securities documents, comparison of contracts, fault analysis, AI customer service, document and invoice audit, filling of logistics packing list, etc. For example, DataGrand developed a logistics text verification system to help Maersk and Cosco process customs declaration: combine RPA, OCR, NLP and other technologies, it can automatically identify, extract and verify the information from customs declaration documents, and timely feedback the results. Using DataGrand’s technology, companies can automate workflows much faster and efficient. Due to its high quality products and considerate services, DataGrand is gaining customer trust and confidence from world-renowned enterprises.

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