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Datalogics’ Cloud-based PDF Processing Products Now on Zapier & AWS

Datalogics, Inc., the premier source for Adobe PDF and enterprise document management technologies, announces the release of Datalogics Cloud, a suite of cloud-based PDF processing products, which includes a free app on Zapier and a robust API on Amazon Web Services.

“Our customers have been asking us about microservices and we are excited to be able to offer document processing and workflows on-demand in the cloud,” said Kevin McNeill, Datalogics CEO. “Every customer uses technology in unique ways and needs different capacities. Cloud-based microservices will provide customers access to virtually unlimited scalability, but they will only pay for what they actually use.”

This is an exciting next-generation move for the company, who previously offered their PDF processing products through command-line applications and Software Development Kits. The expansion to the cloud provides Datalogics users with the same enterprise-grade document management processing capabilities to create, edit and convert PDFs.

The Datalogics Cloud suite includes two offerings: Datalogics PDF Utility, a free app on Zapier and Datalogics PDF Utility API, a pay-as-you-go option for spinning up your own EC2 server that powers a RESTful API via Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“Once Datalogics started using AWS and Zapier, the benefits to our customers and potential customers became obvious,” said Ruth Walker, Datalogics CFO. “The ability to quickly spin up a server that could be used to process PDFs seems like a perfect fit.”

Datalogics, Inc. specializes in offering enterprise PDF and digital document management technologies to facilitate efficient workflows and address user needs across a wide range of industries. Based in Chicago, IL, they support hundreds of customers worldwide who are using document management technology in diverse applications. With the addition of these new cloud offerings, that customer base will be able to become even more expansive.

“Our clients’ document processing needs constantly shift through seasonal cycles and spikes,” said David Behrns, Director of Product Management. “Our cloud solutions truly embrace that reality with a pay-as-you-go model that automatically scales computing capacity when users need it, without requiring additional time-consuming contract licensing changes or IT resources.”

With several decades of industry experience, Datalogics provides unmatched technical expertise and support, enabling our customers to optimize their document workflows and bring their products to market faster. Datalogics is on the board of the PDF Association and is active in both the developer and document management community at-large. For more information about Datalogics Cloud.

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