DataShapes Launches WaveShaper™ for Signal AI

WaveShaper™ Lets Analysts Quickly Search and Analyze Waveforms and Signals with Fully Auditable Results in Real Time

DataShapes, Inc., an edge and cloud software solutions company focused on real-time, auditable signal and waveform AI, is announcing the availability of WaveShaper, its novel signal and waveform intelligence platform.

Whether embedded in a disconnected tactical edge device or on a browser, WaveShaper quickly ingests and processes any type of streaming or archival signal and waveform data. WaveShaper learns, queries, identifies, and measures signals in real time with little to no training, letting analysts and operators quickly get to robust, actionable information and with fully auditable results.

“When you make it possible for people to query waveforms as easily as they search Google, it’s a gamechanger,” said Jon Myers, DataShapes CEO and Founder. “WaveShaper is a force multiplier that lets analysts and operators extract actionable information from signals and waveforms in real time.”

Meet WaveShaper

WaveShaper is a secure SaaS, on-premises, and edge solution that brings the power of AI to the field of signal and waveform intelligence. WaveShaper can process any type of frequency- or time-based signal or waveform on 1,000+ channels of data simultaneously. Results are fully auditable and available in real time, regardless of data speed.

With WaveShaper, analysts can easily—without any coding—export applications that can be quickly installed on tablets and other mobile devices in the field or even embedded on any device at the edge.

“When you enable operators in the field to examine signals on a small device or tablet, you are truly shortening the sensor to shooter cycle.” said Dr. Logan Selby, US Army Veteran and DataShapes President. “WaveShaper’s flexibility lets it easily adapt to any mission type, bringing a tangible Joint Warfighter Advantage.”

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