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Decisions, NLP Logix Partner to Bring ML to Business Processes

The Decisions no-code workflow and rules platform were designed to enable businesses to automate and optimize their digital processes but do so in a way that is able to be done by non-programming staff. NLP Logix was founded with the mission to bring the power of machine learning to the industry by becoming its customer’s outsourced data science team. With the combination of the Decisions platform and NLP Logix machine learning tools and team, the ability to quickly and affordably integrate artificial intelligence to workflows is nowhere.

“We were brought in to automate a number of financial processes for a very large non-profit,” said Matt Berseth, Lead Data Scientist for NLP Logix. “They had already deployed the Decisions platform to automate their workflows and we were able to easily embed a number of machine learning models, one of which reviewed and approved financial applications, and the efficiency gains have been amazing.”

A great example of the power of the new Partnership between Decisions and NLP Logix, is the loan origination process, which is almost entirely driven by rules and workflow and any human interactions are repetitive decisions based on experience. The Decisions platform automates the gathering and review of the loan application, while the machine learning models, which have been trained using years of application approval decisions by trained humans, make a final approval recommendation.

“After working with NLP Logix, we quickly realized that the addition of a trained data science team which can train and deploy machine learning models very quickly, accurately and at scale, was a very valuable addition to the Decisions platform” said Athena Harrell. “And to have a partner like NLP Logix that has the talent and team that can also implement the Decisions solution is icing on the cake.”

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