Deep 6 AI and Magnolia Market Access announced partnership

This end-to-end offering for bespoke RWE projects uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate fit-for-purpose, analysis-ready clinical data sets months faster and reduces the burden on site staff

Deep 6 AI, the leader in AI-powered patient recruitment and real-world data (RWD), together with Magnolia Market Access, a provider of tailored RWD insights and strategies for market access, health economics and outcomes research (HEOR), and healthcare policy, today announced a partnership to accelerate stakeholder decision-making across the pharmaceutical, biologic, and medical device product lifecycle. The combined RWE generation solution uses AI to develop fit-for-purpose, analysis-ready clinical data sets from electronic medical record (EMR) data months faster than traditional approaches.

Typically, it can take life sciences companies a year or more to contract with healthcare organizations to gain access to EMR data. Site staff then shoulder the burden of manually identifying and pulling potentially eligible patient charts. The offering from Deep 6 AI and Magnolia Market Access uses AI to instantly and precisely find patients that are eligible for research within Deep 6 AI’s established site ecosystem and abstract relevant data from their charts. This reduces the time it takes to access EMR data and lowers the burden on site staff.

“The power of the Deep 6 AI technology is that it connects life sciences companies with 25+ major healthcare organizations that have our AI integrated within their provider workflows to accelerate collaboration on RWD projects, saving time and resources for all stakeholders,” said Wout Brusselaers, Founder and CEO of Deep 6 AI. “By partnering with Magnolia Market Access, we can offer an end-to-end solution for RWE generation that applies their expert analytics and strategic services to our next-generation real-world data and AI-powered patient matching that have been the foundation of our clinical trial recruitment solutions for over seven years.” 

Deep 6 AI’s software precisely identifies matched patient cohorts across its ecosystem by querying the entire EMR in real time, including coded data, free-text clinician notes, omics, lab results, and radiology, pathology, and operative reports—accessing 80% more data than solutions that mine structured data alone. Magnolia Market Access utilizes this technology, along with their extensive RWD curation experience, to develop fit-for-purpose analytic data sets to conduct observational real-patient data studies that produce deeper clinical insights for prospective safety and outcomes monitoring, the building of patient and product registries, peer-reviewed publications, stakeholder engagement, and regulatory filings.

“The speed and precision with which we generate clinical insights is paramount to our life sciences customers’ success,” said Amanda Forys, Managing Partner at Magnolia Market Access. “Our team, led by Dr. Pamela Landsman-Blumberg, has extensive experience in identifying and analyzing fit-for-purpose real-world data sources, including claims (open and closed), EMR/EHR, chart review, and other data curation processes, surveys, and interviews. The addition of Deep 6 AI’s real-time clinical data brings the value we provide to life sciences customers to the next level. Its next-generation RWD and AI-powered patient cohort builder will allow us to identify patient charts and curate needed data elements from the unstructured notes and reports a year faster. Additionally, working with real-time EMR data feeds reduces the financial burden associated with continuous data monitoring and cleaning.”

With over 100 publications and thousands of deliverables across its team members, focused on a variety of therapeutic areas and underlying data sources, Magnolia Market Access provides deep understanding, expertise, and knowhow to differentiate often complex medications and technologies in an ever evolving clinical and regulatory environment. Applying personalized analytics and other diverse HEOR and market access services, Magnolia Market Access spotlights all data-derived evidence in a compelling way, shaping policy, communicating value, securing reimbursement, and ultimately driving patient access.

Life sciences companies can meet Deep 6 AI and Magnolia Market Access at ISPOR 2024, May 5 to 8 in Atlanta, Georgia. Contact Deep 6 AI or Magnolia Market Access to schedule a meeting.

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