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Deep Learning Pioneer DeepCube Acquired by Nano Dimension

DeepCube’s technologies to build up Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME) 3D-Printers

DeepCube, the award-winning deep learning pioneer, has signed a definitive agreement to be acquired by Nano Dimension Ltd. (Nasdaq: NNDM). After the closing of the transaction, DeepCube will function as a division of Nano Dimension Ltd., creating first-of-its-kind, AI powered-Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME)/PE (3D-Printed Electronics) platforms and services.

DeepCube’s training platform and real-time inference engine will be integrated into Nano Dimension AME 3D-printers, acting as smart nodes in a Smart Fabrication Network (SFN), as well as being the AI control center for these networks. With DeepCube’s expertise in machine learning/deep learning, the vision of Industry 4.0 – where machines cooperate, learn, optimize and deliver printed electronics – is now achievable.

DeepCube’s breakthrough algorithms accelerate multi-domain neural models by orders of magnitude, making it an exceptional fit for complex and real-time edge problems, particularly 3D manufacturing. The novel DeepCube approach fuses together both a cutting-edge training framework and a highly optimized inference engine to accomplish aggressive performance goals. Smart 3D manufacturing nodes are equipped with many real-time, cross-disciplinary sensors, which generate Giga Bytes of time-sensitive data. DeepCube’s platform transforms this massive amount of data to insights and actions, in real-time, creating the self-learning and optimizing machine infrastructure. AI-driven distributed digital fabrication, pioneered by Nano Dimension and DeepCube, will improve yield, throughput, quality, design options and optimization.

“We have reviewed multiple solutions for the complex problem of electronics manufacturing, and specifically 3D printed electronics, and DeepCube’s training and inference frameworks stood out, along with the team’s expansive knowledge of deep learning and neural networks,” said Yoav Stern, CEO of Nano Dimension. “Nano Dimension’s vision is to establish ‘INDUSTRY 4.0’ solutions, which entail building an AI/ML ‘distributed digital fabrication application’ rather than just building machines as capital equipment. The core of this solution will be DeepCube’s ‘brain’ that is expected to manage a neural network of edge devices. This will usher in a new design and production flow, offering customers cutting edge capabilities to innovate and create a new line of electronics products that are not achievable today: miniaturization, nano geometries, 3D structures, mass customization, on-demand manufacturing and digital inventory.”

Michael Zimmerman, CEO of DeepCube, and now GM of the DeepCube division of Nano Dimension, commented: “The $240B PCB/PCBA sector of the electronics industry is going through a massive transition to meet the challenges of innovative and miniature designs, compressed time scales (design to production) and the evolution from physically driven manufacturing to a digital flow. The move from 2D to 3D, from legacy processes to a fully digitized and real-time workflow, can only be done with AI as the driver of the full lifecycle process – deep learning models cooperating across the network to learn, optimize and automate the full cycle from design to production. Unlike the human- and labor-intensive processes of today (for 2D designs), DeepCube will create neural models, trained with varied edge sensor data, and offer customers out-of-the-box neural networks for manufacturing, which accomplish the full AME (Additive Manufacturing for Electronics) scale of benefits.”

The acquisition follows a strong year for DeepCube, the first deep learning software accelerator enabling real-world AI deployments. Following its launch in May of 2020, DeepCube received numerous peer and industry recognitions before deploying an in-depth product suite in February 2021.

The team’s expertise and execution-driven culture has delivered several successful AI-centric projects across different hardware architectures. Particularly, DeepCube’s hardware agnostic platform has proven unique in its ability to accelerate different families of neural models, becoming a key asset for Tier-1 players.

“We are excited to join forces with Nano Dimension and transform the AME industry to become fully AI-enabled, with efficiencies, quality and innovation only possible with deep learning models”, said Dr. Eli David co-founder and CTO of DeepCube, who is joining Nano Dimension as CTO/AI. “DeepCube’s technology, which accelerates neural networks by a 10x factor, is a natural fit for distributed edge nodes, which are self-learning and self-optimizing – all in real-time and on-demand. The team is incredibly excited for our next step, and we look forward to joining Nano Dimension in driving the Industry 4.0 evolution.”

DeepCube was founded by Dr. Eli David and Yaron Eitan, its CTO and Executive Chairman, respectively. The management team also includes Michael Zimmerman, CEO, and Eri Rubin, VP, Research and Development.

Pearl Cohen is acting as legal counsel to DeepCube in connection with the acquisition.

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