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Dialog Health’s AnalyticsPRO Takes Patient Engagement to a New Level

New solution provides healthcare organizations with real-time data to make immediate, action-driven patient communication decisions.

Dialog Health, a healthcare industry-leading two-way text messaging platform that improves staff and patient engagement, introduces AnalyticsPRO. This powerful solution delivers real-time, interactive data so organizations can take immediate actions that optimize patient engagement and staff productivity. AnalyticsPRO also transforms data into the high-level insights organizations need to make long-term patient communication decisions.

When AnalyticsPRO is added to the Dialog Health platform, users gain access to a tool that indicates the “who, why, and how” of patient communication in real time. The data is generated following the execution of a Dialog Health texting campaign. AnalyticsPRO auto-analyzes this data and auto-generates reports showing which patients received the text and took the intended action associated with its message, which patients received the text and did not take any action, and which patients never received the text.

Through its interactive dashboard, users instantly identify who does and does not require an additional action. Research shows most patients interact with texts they receive from healthcare providers. AnalyticsPRO identifies the outliers, giving users informed options about the steps to take to engage with those who have not interacted with the text, whether by sending a follow-up text or reaching out through another means. AnalyticsPRO does not require users to export spreadsheets, wait for reports to generate, or manage another inbox.

The official launch of AnalyticsPRO follows a 6-month beta testing period that involved thousands of Dialog Health users across hundreds of organizations. This usage enabled the Dialog Health development team to further refine, optimize, and enhance the solution.

“Our technology performs real-time data analysis so users can immediately take the right actions for the right people,” says Sean Roy, Dialog Health co-founder and chief product officer. “With AnalyticsPRO, organizations reduce time spent on manual outreach, connect with patients in the communication manner preferred, and enhance staff productivity.”

An analysis of Dialog Health user statistics for July 2022 demonstrates the value of adding AnalyticsPRO. Clients using the base Dialog Health system achieved an 86% reach rate for texts sent to patients concerning scheduled facility visits. Dialog Health clients with AnalyticsPRO achieved a 91% reach rate. The 5% increase in reach rate means five more patients out of every 100 will not require phone calls from staff and are more likely to show up for appointments. AnalyticsPRO also makes it easier for users to know which outlying patients will require alternate communication methods until users can get these patients subscribed for texting.

Pairing the Dialog Health platform with AnalyticsPRO leads to results unmatched by other texting systems. Dialog Health’s two-way texting allows patients to self-identify when they require assistance. AnalyticsPRO then empowers staff to prioritize patient outreach efforts, improving clinical outcomes and financial performance, increasing satisfaction, and saving valuable staff time.

Individual organizations can use AnalyticsPRO to achieve reductions in no-show rate, pre- and post-op phone calls, and readmission rate; increases in survey responses, web portal engagement, and patient collections; and many other noteworthy improvements.

“While the Dialog Health platform is still unmatched in its ability to improve engagement, healthcare organizations looking to do even more with their data should see AnalyticsPRO in action,” Roy says.

To learn more about the Dialog Health platform and demo AnalyticsPRO, contact Dialog Health at, call (877) 666-1132, or fill out this form.

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