Digital Diagnostics Rebrands LumineticsCore™ Product

LumineticsCore™ (Formerly IDx-DR)’s New Look Adds a Human Touch to Technology

Digital Diagnostics – a leading AI diagnostics company on a mission to transform global healthcare – has rebranded its flagship product, the AI diagnostic system formerly known as IDx-DR, to LumineticsCore™.

The name references the words “illuminate”, which means to supply or brighten with light, and “cybernetics”, which is the science of communications and automatic control systems in both machines and living things. The “Core” identifier denotes LumineticsCore as the first in the Luminetics product line and represents the central nature of the flagship diagnostic system within the Digital Diagnostics suite of products. Adding identifiers to current and future product brand names provides clarity for users as well as product brand differentiation in the market. The new name, LumineticsCore, better illustrates how the system uses science, technology, and imaging to autonomously diagnose disease.

“We want our current and future product brands to be reflective of the Digital Diagnostics mission and we have thoughtfully considered how to pay tribute to the company brand in the renaming of our flagship product,” said Jacque Engle, vice president of marketing at Digital Diagnostics. “The product that the market has come to know as IDx-DR has not changed, however the refreshed brand name and logomark help to further tell the story of AI diagnostics, highlighting the creativity and humanity of the LumineticsCore system.”

A newly designed LumineticsCore logo serves as a visual representation of the holistic approach that Digital Diagnostics brings to healthcare. The logo employs the same spherical shape as the Digital Diagnostics company logo, which is meant to illustrate a continuous and encompassing cycle of care.

The logo mark is represented in blue to convey clarity and calm and is reminiscent of the side view of an eye with the hash marks on the left representing the allowance of light to illuminate the retina. The hashmarks are also intended to represent steppingstones on the patient’s journey of care, from the first meeting to the final diagnosis.

“As we continue to develop our product pipeline and bring new systems to market, we want to establish product branding that is relatable and strongly represents our mission and brand,” continued Engle. “Often, with the former product name, IDx-DR, letters were easily interchanged, and it conveyed a more clinical, robotic feel. We want our customers, patients, industry experts, and the entire healthcare ecosystem to feel comfortable speaking about and interacting with our products. That starts with a name that is approachable, easy to understand, and comforting, which is why IDx-DR is now LumineticsCore.”

The updated LumineticsCore branding more clearly represents Digital Diagnostics’ dedication to transforming the accessibility, affordability, equity, and quality of global healthcare through the application of technology in the medical diagnosis and treatment process. The Indications for Use and autonomous AI technology behind LumineticsCore™ (formerly IDx-DR) are unchanged. To find out more about LumineticsCore visit

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