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DimeTyd Launches Invoicing Solution for Amazon Vendors

Automation and Machine Learning Streamlines Shipments and Helps Eliminate Financial Irregularities

DimeTyd, the advanced logic-based online engine that offers Amazon vendors seamless recuperation of profit leakage, today announced the availability of its new platform extension, Invoicing Solution. The new feature extension incorporates automation and machine learning helping vendors ensure shipping accuracy, improve operational efficiency, and correct errors, including overbillings, inaccurate invoice amounts, and duplicate purchase orders.

“Amazon vendors face a multitude of challenges when shipping products through the e-commerce marketplace,” said Rohan Thambrahalli, president and founder of DimeTyd. “Invoicing errors, matching purchase orders with actual deliveries, and maneuvering through the Amazon accounting platform are significant challenges online product companies face. DimeTyd’s Invoicing Solution automates the billing process, streamlines shipping operations, and saves businesses money.”

Experts at DimeTyd concluded that if a mid-size company manually reviewed invoicing data for one week’s worth of shipments, it would require approximately three to four employees working five full workdays to complete. DimeTyd’s automated and continuous Invoicing Solution removes the need for company expenditure of resources while also eliminating any room for potential human error.

“Automation is the key function of Invoice Solution,” continued Thambrahalli. “This allows the entire process to perform unattended and automated. Invoicing Solution mimics what a user, an Amazon vendor, does to perform multiple functions.”

Benefits include:

  • Automated ASN based invoicing process
  • Flexible invoicing frequency
  • Elimination of incorrect, duplicate, underbilling and missed invoicing
  • Gradual reduction in invoicing related shortage claims
  • Improvement in cash flow

DimeTyd’s platform requires no upfront cost and is available based on a percentage of recovered funds.

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