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DinoPlusAI Awarded as “Most Promising AI Solution Providers 2020”

DinoPlusAI, a leading real-time edge computing AI platform provider, received an award from CIOReview in the “Most Promising AI Solution Providers 2020”. https://artificial-intelligence.cioreview.com/vendor/2020/dinoplusai

“We are honored to be featured on the Cover Story of CIOReview in the Most Promising AI Solution Providers 2020,” said Jay Hu, founder and CEO of DinoPlusAI Inc.

DinoPlusAI brings a unique AI platform—DinoEdge—that ensures real-time outcomes and empowers latency-sensitive applications across industries. “In need of a latency sensitive application, one needs to process data in the right moment at the right place. With on-premise and on the edge-cloud, that’s what DinoPlusAI focuses on,” explains Jay Hu, CEO of DinoPlusAI Inc. How data is transmitted and processed plays a significant role in increasing latency. Hence, the team at DinoPlusAI identifies and assesses the data flow and helps reduce latency, making changes to data transmission and processing as needed. This capability makes DinoPlusAI’s solution ideal for three huge market segments—smart industry, smart retail, and smart city.

DinoEdge stands out as a vertically integrated platform that serves as an appropriate solution for video analytics, speech recognition, and other processes; real-time data processing remains the key. DinoEdge is powered by FlextyX, an FPGA AI Inference Accelerator based on Xilinx Alveo U50 and U280 cards. FlextyX supports many AI models, such as convolutional neural networks (CNN), long short-term memory (LSTM), and BERT. The platform also features an open full-stack for AI (OSA), including a powerful AI inference engine hardware, driver, API, compiler, and optimization tools (AutoML, sparsity, and low-bit quantization) and support for open-source frameworks. 

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