DOBOT Unveils M1 Pro Collaborative Robot at iREX 2022 in Tokyo

Opens the door to vast opportunities for light industry applications of intelligent collaborative robots

DOBOT, a world-leading provider of intelligent robotic solutions, is showcasing a rich collection of robots along with the unveiling of its second-generation SCARA collaborative robot, the M1 Pro, at the International Robot Exhibition 2022 (iREX 2022) being held from March 9-12, 2022 in Tokyo with the theme “the way towards friendlier society, bridged by robots.”

The DOBOT M1 Pro is a new SCARA collaborative robot with excellent human-machine collaboration and safety features compared to conventional robotic arms. It is perfect for wide range of applications in lightweight industry, communication, and consumer electronics, such as pick-and-place, gluing, assembly, other light industrial needs, and higher education.

DOBOT M1 Pro Essential Features and Advantages:

  • Fast Performance
    Integrated controller and robot arm design enable plug and play and saves the process of connections. The maximum joint speed can reach 180°/s, and the cycle time is 0.46s, making the M1 Pro collaborative robot time-saving.
  • Reliability and Safety
    M1 Pro collaborates with human operators without any safety risk. The front part of the arm is 40% narrower than a traditional industrial robotic arm, effectively limiting damage to the machine.
  • Easy Operation
    M1 Pro supports wireless control on different devices with multiple programming options. It simplifies the testing and programming processes.
  • Smart Performance
    Designed for intelligent integration, M1 Pro saves on installation time. DOBOT M1 Pro maintains smoothness and guarantees consistent production, for example, in the gluing application.

Previously impossible tasks have been realized through robotics applications since the rapid technological breakthrough of recent years. Although manufacturers develop various robotics solutions, but few have gained the support of its enthusiasts in both industrial and educational robots as DOBOT has achieved.

After DOBOT’s launch of the M1 Pro SCARA robot at the International Robot Exhibition 2022, the M1 Pro will officially go on sale worldwide. DOBOT distributors will help customers place orders globally and ship M1 Pro collaborative robots on time.

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