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DocuSign partners with Digital Transformation Leader Trans Sped


Trans Sped is both a leading Trust Service Provider in Europe and also a key stakeholder in building the digital trust in Healthcare and Life Science industries” – Thibault de Valroger, Sr Director Business Development, DocuSign.

Trans Sped, one of the few digital transformation services providers with a global presence, has partnered with DocuSign to provide integrated electronic signature with qualified digital certificate on DocuSign market -leading platform. The move confirms the high standards of security and reliability of Trans Sped services and offers a new valuable tool for DocuSign users.

“We are delighted that Trans Sped decided to join our Trust Service Providers partner network. We value a lot this starting cooperation with Trans Sped who is both a leading Trust Service Provider in Europe and also a key stakeholder in building the digital trust in Healthcare and Life science industries. With the contribution of Trans Sped, DocuSign continues to build the widest trust eco-system in the eSignature space to serve the expansion of our customers’ digital transformation,” said Thibault de Valroger, Sr Director Business Development, DocuSign.

This integration widens the opportunities for DocuSign users. They can sign contracts and important documents using Trans Sped qualified digital signature, on any device, without leaving the platform. Our qualified digital signature is compliant with United States and European laws and it can be used in any country that recognizes North American or European legislation. The electronic signature with qualified digital certificate issued by Trans Sped is legally binding, holds the same authority as a hand written signature and it is already used by major companies worldwide. All these benefits are now available on DocuSign platform,” said Camelia Ivan, CEO Trans Sped.

The integration is already helping many companies to optimize their processes. Some of the largest companies in Healthcare and Life science industry are using Trans Sped digital qualified signature for Clinical Trails and for procedures under FDA – 21 CFR part 11. Having Trans Sped signatures integrated with DocuSign platform, helped them improve their internal flows.

Trans Sped is a SAFE Identity member since 2008 and contributed to the development of the trust service ecosystem for pharma and biotechnology industry. “We support the advancement of digital identity and cryptography in healthcare, in order to ensure high levels of security and assurance for healthcare sensitive date. Trans Sped is a very dynamic member of our industry consortium and this new integration with DocuSign will be very useful for pharma and biotechnology companies,” said Kyle Neuman, CEO SAFE Identity.

Trans Sped offers digital transformation services, fintech solutions, digital and process automation, digital certificates for electronic signature (qualified certificates, advanced or simple), qualified time stamps, qualified electronic seals and long term preservation services. Trans Sped is a Trust Service Provider operating in the international market. Trans Sped digital certificates are included in the EU Trusted List and are cross-certified with the Federal Bridge of the US. Thus, they are recognized as legal binding by US and EU institutions, companies and government bodies. Trans Sped is a SAFE Identity, ETSI and Cloud Signature Consortium member.

Trans Sped solutions help global companies in pharma and biotechnology, banking, insurance, retail, automotive and other industries to digitize their business processes and to become more efficient.

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