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Drata’s Launches Audit Hub for Enhanced Auditor Collaboration

New tool unifies customer and auditor communication while automating evidence request and approvals within the Drata platform

Drata, a continuous security and compliance automation platform, today launched Audit Hub, a new tool to amplify customer-auditor collaboration and real-time audit correspondence. Integrating feedback directly from its Auditor Alliance, Drata designed Audit Hub to centralize key communication and audit needs in its own platform to further simplify audit readiness and streamline the continuous compliance journey.

When pursuing relevant compliance frameworks, an open line of communication between the company and auditor is integral to a successful audit. However, requesting evidence, outlining needs, or answering questions is often distributed across multiple platforms, creating a disjointed experience for both parties involved in the audit process. Audit Hub addresses these challenges by integrating key communication features and eliminating the need to toggle between multiple tools, saving both customers and auditors valuable time otherwise spent on audit preparation.

Audit Hub brings together a host of new features for customers and auditors without having to leave Drata:

  • Auditors can create a custom list of evidence they’d like to receive, with existing visibility into raw JSON evidence to streamline reviews
  • Customers can view auditor evidence requests and approvals
  • Direct customer-auditor chat through the hub
  • Ability to tag customers in specific requests and questions
  • Consolidated view of evidence approvals for real-time visibility into audit status

“Audit Hub provides our team with a simplified solution for requesting audit evidence and consolidating back and forth communication, all in the Drata platform,” said Amy Lau, Senior Audit Associate at Sensiba San Filippo LLP. “In turn, we’re seeing significant time saved and a more seamless experience for both the auditor and the client.”

“Our goal of making compliance effortless and accessible isn’t a one way street for just our customers, it includes the experience for our auditor community as well,” said Adam Markowitz, Co-Founder and CEO of Drata. “By collaborating directly with our incredible Auditor Alliance and removing a shared pain point, customers and auditors alike can cultivate even stronger relationships with one another and simplify the audit process through Drata.”

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