DriveSavers Breaks New Ground by Using X-Ray Tech in Data Recovery

The data recovery company is using an X-Ray machine in ways never before imagined. 

DriveSavers Data Recovery continues to be the global leader in advancing data recovery capabilities through state-of-the-art tools, proprietary techniques, and research and development. The company’s latest data recovery advancement involves X-ray technology.

In November 2022, DriveSavers installed an X-ray system capable of real-time X-ray images as engineers use an automated stage to move the data storage. Until now, this technology has been used for inspection, failure analysis, and quality assurance for electronics. Data recovery is a new way to use this type of device.

DriveSavers began using the X-ray system on incoming devices in December 2022 and, with it, will continue to recover data that others deem unrecoverable.

DriveSavers is using the X-ray technology for evaluation, verification, and R&D.

  • Evaluation example: identify if a mobile phone has critically damaged chips without opening the device or preventing further damage.
  • Verification example: confirm that a chip is properly connected after work has been performed.
  • R&D example: discover new ways to implement X-ray technology into the data recovery workflow and learn more about data storage devices.

“Using X-Ray technology is already improving diagnostics and expanding our data recovery capabilities,” said Director of Engineering Mike Cobb. “We look forward to many more ways it will improve our accuracy, efficiency, and recovery rate.”

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