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DropIn Rebrands to Include AI-focused, Video-enabled Surveying

DropIn, a Los Angeles-based tech company pioneering video insurance claims processing, is excited to announce the next iteration of its brand development. Founded in 2015, the company has evolved from a video streaming partner into an AI-focused, video-enabled surveying platform. The company’s new tagline is “Visual Evidence, Powered by AI.”

DropIn will retain the full capabilities of its brand since inception, and is channeling these successful innovations to meet the challenges of customers in a wider array of industries. The company has branched out from serving insurers to also include real estate companies, healthcare providers, municipal entities and more.

“We’ve seen high demand for the types of technologies and tools we offer, from customers in a broad range of industries,” said Joseph Shemesh, CEO of DropIn. “We realized it was time to adapt these tools beyond serving insurers, to also include partners who need access to drone surveying, real-time video streaming and AI-backed insights.”

The DropIn platform mobilizes a vast network of smartphones and drones to quickly and efficiently process insurance claims, run infrastructure and home inspections, and perform wellness and safety checks. Everything is remote, without sending a single adjuster, officer or healthcare practitioner into the field.

Accompanying the rollout of its new brand focus, DropIn is introducing new AI metrics and tools, for use in tandem with its video streaming capabilities. Branded D{ai}mentions, these insights will help DropIn users quickly process information obtained through streaming video, to expedite everything from insurance claims estimates to identity verification for law enforcement. D{ai}mentions will be accessible through a new reporting dashboard, also accompanying the brand refresh.

To bring attention to its expanded focus on AI and cross-industry availability, DropIn has also migrated its web presence from to Visitors to the new domain will find a new logo and website, showcasing the newest iteration of the evolving, growing brand.

For more information about DropIn’s technologies or to learn more about its rebranding, please visit the company’s website at

DropIn is an AI-backed, video streaming platform designed to disrupt the traditional inspection and surveying methods of insurers, healthcare and real estate companies, and government entities. DropIn’s unique AI tools include image watermarking, annotations, measurements, drone inspections and more, to expedite inspection and surveying of persons, property and active events. DropIn’s mission is to eliminate documentation inefficiencies, reduce exposure to dangerous situations, expedite data collection in adverse situations and change the way organizations document, review, archive and act on critical information.

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