DXC Technology and Ferrovial to Co-create New Gen AI Platform

Quercus will help organizations adopt Generative AI to accelerate innovation and optimize business processes

DXC Technology (NYSE: DXC), a leading Fortune 500 global technology services provider, will work with Ferrovial (NASDAQ: FER), one of the world’s leading infrastructure companies, and Microsoft to jointly develop the generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform Quercus.

Quercus, which uses platform engineering principles as its foundations, will help organizations around the world to integrate secure, responsible AI solutions throughout their business operations to automate processes for improved profitability and efficiency.

DXC will standardize Quercus and offer it as an innovative AI solution for its global customers, tailoring the platform to meet individual customer needs. This will reduce the time required to create bespoke AI solutions and empower organizations to be more agile in deploying and realizing the benefits of generative AI to gain a significant competitive advantage in their industries.

Together, the three organizations will also accelerate and scale the adoption of generative AI as part of Ferrovial’s transformation to improve its internal operations and market offerings.

DXC will be responsible for evolving, maintaining, and commercializing Quercus, which will run on Microsoft’s Azure and OpenAI technology.

“This agreement marks a milestone in the advancement of AI-supported business services. Our unique collaboration with Ferrovial and Microsoft promises to revolutionize the way technology solutions are developed and applied within generative AI. We are confident Quercus will provide value to our customers and give them a significant competitive advantage in the market,” said Howard Boville, Executive Vice President, Consulting & Engineering Services at DXC Technology.

Ferrovial has begun to implement an early version of the Quercus platform for its customers, creating an AI virtual assistant to support key business activities including human resources, health & safety, tenders, and cybersecurity intelligent agents.

“With DXC and Microsoft, we aim to roll out this platform widely across the market to optimize processes, generate designs, simplify applications for employee’s health and safety, and, generally, improve operations,” said Dimitris Bountolos, CIIO of Ferrovial. “It will also enable us to accelerate the transformation of our own operations and has already helped us to evolve our AI market offering from a project-based approach to industrialized capabilities that foster greater innovation and business value.”

Quercus will be able to integrate with mission critical business systems and coordinate with other generative AI models to maximize its potential performance impact for customers.   

“Microsoft has strategic relationships with both Ferrovial and DXC, and we are very pleased to work with both companies on this initiative based on our Responsible AI technology. To ensure that the technology is integrated into our society both effectively and ethically, we believe that AI solutions must be designed and deployed bearing in mind critical aspects such as security, privacy, reliability, fairness, inclusiveness, accountability and transparency,” said Alberto Granados, President of Microsoft Spain.Forward Looking Statements

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