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Dynamic Infrastructure’s AI Tool to Aid Netivei for Bridge Building

Dynamic Infrastructure’s AI-based, SaaS decision-making system was successfully implemented on the first 13 bridges, culverts and sign-bridges out of the 1600 assets inventory. The program, led by Hilla Haddad Chmelnik, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer of Netivei Israel, aims to utilize existing capabilities by making better decisions when managing its asset maintenance expenditure out of $1.5B annual budget.

Dynamic Infrastructure’s SaaS product, which continuously processes past and current inspection reports, identified future maintenance risks and evolving defects.

Saar Dickman, Dynamic Infrastructure’s CEO said, “Counties and districts which face challenging budget issues can now benefit from a broad scope of capabilities that in the past were only available to larger agencies. Just by analyzing the visuals in past and current inspection reports, our cloud-based service provides clear and immediate actionable maintenance insights.”

Hilla Haddad Chmelnik, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, “We know that we can do much more with the information we collected in our existing bridge management system, potentially, saving millions. Dynamic Infrastructure is a great example of harnessing new technology for the benefit of such potential savings.”

About Netivei Israel

Netivei Israel – The National Transport Infrastructure Company Ltd. is a Government Company Responsible for the Planning, Development, and Maintenance of Israel’s Interurban Road Network and the Development of Railways Network in Israel.  Netivei Israel manage 8,500 kilometers of roads, 105 interchanges, 2,200 intersections, and 1,300 bridges and tunnels.

About Dynamic Infrastructure

Dynamic Infrastructure harnesses the power of AI to disrupt the operation and maintenance (O&M) of critical transportation assets. Founded by industry professionals with decades of O&M experience working with PPPs and DOTs, Dynamic Infrastructure has become an industry leader and key driver of a data revolution in decision-making processes related to bridge and tunnel operation and maintenance(O&M). Headquartered in New York, NY, with offices in Germany and Israel, Dynamic Infrastructure maintains a close relationship with its clients and government institutions.

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