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EasyVista launches platform updates including New Discovery Module

EasyVista releases automated IT asset discovery and AI product updates

EasyVista, a leader in end-to-end IT service management, has launched new product updates – the first in their series of major software enhancements for 2024. Previous features and updates for 2023 included XLA, AIOps with short-term and threshold predictions, a WhatsApp integration, new PowerBI reports, advanced user forecasting, and much more.

Michael Cohen, Chief Technology Officer at EasyVista, noted, “Our latest release is designed to introduce I&O teams to a better way to triage technical issues and speed up downtime for ITSM products, while also enhancing the UI for a more inclusive approach.” The 2024.1 product release from EasyVista includes digital accessibility, automated IT asset discovery, and enhanced AI capabilities updates. EV Discovery’s Discovery & Dependency Mapping (DDM) roadmap will help customers gain a 360-degree view of their IT landscape; automate asset and configuration management; track changes and maintain audit trails; and seamlessly integrate with EasyVista’s ITSM products—increasing collaboration and operational efficiency. EV Discovery V1 brings IT asset discovery and begins introducing dependency mapping, with additional dependency mapping features slated to roll out later in 2024. Additionally, EV Pepper AI, the AI layer of the EasyVista platform, will provide realistic value for specific use cases to customers. One such example are Pepper AI automations, out-of-the-box AI-enabled automations that are embedded directly into various features, fields, and workflows to solve specific problems. For instance, AI case summarization is leveraged to suggest a title for the subject field of an incident. In later versions, Pepper AI will provide additional infused AI capabilities across Observe, Reach, and future products.

“We’re excited to start the new year off strong with these new product features that will without a doubt, impact customers the minute they begin using our suite of ITSM tools,” Loïc Besnard, Global Head of Product Marketing and Product Strategy at EasyVista, adds. The 2024.1 product release comes from EasyVista’s constant focus on utilizing cutting-edge technology, such as AI, and designing IT management applications that are made to simplify IT processes. These new updates exemplify the company’s mission to continue pushing ITSM solution updates that empower IT professionals to resolve incidents faster, reduce downtime, and get ahead of issues proactively with active monitoring and asset visibility.

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