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ECGenius System to be Featured at AF Symposium 2023

Spotlight Session Will Highlight How AI Can Improve Persistent AF Patient Outcomes

CathVision, a medical technology company developing innovative electrophysiology solutions to enhance clinical decision-making in the EP lab, today announced the ECGenius™ System will be featured in a Spotlight Session at the 28th Annual International AF Symposium in Boston, February 2-4, highlighting emerging technologies in cardiac electrophysiology.1

ECGenius System, the company’s innovative EP recording technology and proprietary hardware amplifier, acquires high-fidelity, low-noise cardiac electrograms to help electrophysiologists improve the diagnosis and treatment of complex atrial arrhythmias, including atrial fibrillation (AF). ECGenius System received FDA clearance in May 2022 and has since been evaluated at renowned hospitals throughout the United States during a limited market release.

On Friday, February 3, at 8:35 a.m. ET, Dr. Suneet Mittal will share a brief overview of his experiences with CathVision’s ECGenius System and discuss how artificial intelligence (AI) based algorithms can positively impact cardiac ablation procedures when high-quality electrogram (EGM) data is the foundation for analyses. Dr. Mittal will review how the CARDIALYTICS™ AI algorithms incorporate machine learning to automate EGM analyses, such as to identify pulmonary vein (PV) isolation.2 He will also demonstrate how data from the ECGenius System, in comparison to legacy EP systems, impacts the performance of AI algorithms.

Session Details:
Spotlight Session II: Friday, February 3
8:30—9:30 AM ET
“The ECGenius Next Generation EP Recording System”
Dr. Suneet Mittal

“ECGenius System was designed as a solution to a problem EPs in every lab are facing – decision-making based on low-quality signals from EGMs,” said Mads Matthiesen, CEO of CathVision. “As EPs evaluate ECGenius in comparison to data from legacy ECG systems, the advantage is clear. ECGenius System delivers clean unfiltered data that improves the performance of AI algorithms. If the data that informs decisions is precise, clean, high-quality data, algorithms will be transformative in cardiac care.”

ECGenius System is commercially available in the United States. For more information about ECGenius System, CARDIALYTICS, or to meet with CathVision at AF Symposium, please contact us here and connect on LinkedIn.

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