EchoNous on TV Series About AI-assisted Ultrasound for Healthcare

 The pilot episode plans to air in the first quarter of 2020 and will also be airing on on-demand platforms such as Roku, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and other various on-demand platforms.

EchoNous has taken the lead in creating intelligent medical tools that help medical professionals solve common everyday problems in healthcare. EchoNous was founded in 2016 by CEO Kevin Goodwin, point-of-care ultrasound pioneer and former CEO of Sonosite, and COO Niko Pagoulatos, Ph.D., a highly regarded innovator in the ultrasound field. Kevin and Niko came together with the same intense passion toward combining artificial intelligence with handheld ultrasound-based tools. With the launch of KOSMOS, EchoNous is delivering on its mission to help physicians and nurses see more, know more, and do more at the point of care.

Planet TV Studios produces cutting-edge, real-life, television series that feature insightful, meaningful updates on the most important business, medical and socially responsible topics currently taking place in the areas most important to our lives. Planet TV Studios is a leading content creation company successful in films, television, documentaries, commercials and docudramas. 

The story of EchoNous (ek-koh-nohs) begins in Redmond, Washington with its founding in 2016 by point-of-care ultrasound pioneer Kevin Goodwin and Dr. Niko Pagoulatos, a recognized innovator in cutting-edge ultrasound and bioengineering.

The name EchoNous not only honors Dr. Pagoulatos’ Greek heritage, translating in the English language to mean intelligent sound — with “echo” meaning sound and “nous” meaning intelligence. But this name also embodies the team’s vision of adding the emerging field of artificial intelligence (AI) with the extreme miniaturization of ultrasound to help solve common everyday problems in healthcare.

New Frontiers is a compelling TV series that explores cutting-edge high-performance AI Assisted Ultrasound technologies that are shaping our high performance AI Assisted Ultrasound healthcare field. New Frontiers is an educational TV series in short documentary form to be featured on TV and on-demand TV.

EchoNous was founded with this spirit of innovation to transcend the status quo in healthcare. Our team has a history of revolutionizing healthcare, with experts from various backgrounds and proven areas of expertise to deliver transformation across all points of care. We are not just fascinated by ultrasound and technology but also believe in supporting each other’s hobbies such as music, photography and fitness and coming together to celebrate holidays.

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