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Ecosystems announced the launch of ViViEN

Ecosystems recently announced the launch of ViViEN, a generative AI and machine learning Virtual Value Engineer that facilitates a shared understanding between provider and customer on the value of their partnership within the Ecosystems SaaS platform.

ViViEN supports four powerful use cases. First, it leverages generative AI to automate the research and compilation of credible, industry specific value messaging. Second, it uses Ecosystems’ custom trained LLM to compose highly personal value conversations, based on context, industry, business objective, and buyer role (e.g. CMO, CRO, CCO). Third, it provides dynamic real-time monitoring and alerting of all value calculations to ensure they are credible, realistic and achievable. Fourth, it optimizes customer value by leveraging supplier telemetry data and prescriptively advising which key capabilities to consume to drive greater value.

ViViEN’s intelligence is augmented with custom-trained LLM models, such as PaLM 2, through Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform, which helps ViViEN to continually analyze value conversations between a provider and its customers, identify patterns associated with healthy commercial relationships, and recommend optimized value frameworks for continued partnership growth. Learn more about ViViEN

“We see Ecosystems as a true thought leader in the category of collaborative value management and are excited by this partnership where ViViEN democratizes value selling across an organization,” stated Bill Welch, President and Chief Operating Officer, Talkdesk.

“We are excited to bring the power of ViViEN to our customer conversations to help them capture the value they are deriving from HP,” stated Grad Rosenbaum, VP & GM, Global Customer Success, HP

“Today marks an exciting next step in the evolution of ViViEN. Now with the highly secure and trusted augmented intelligence of Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform, ViViEN expects to provide self-service value realization at scale,” commented Chad Quinn, CEO at Ecosystems.

Ecosystems shared this announcement of the next evolution of ViViEN at its Third Annual ELEVATE event in Chicago which brought together the Customer Value Community representing over 1,240 companies and over 3,000 members. To learn more about Ecosystems and our Customer Value Community please visit us at 

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