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Eden Health Launches Predictive, Personalized Care Plans

Serving 4 million patients across 150+ employers and health plans, primary care innovator looks to bring longitudinal care and continuous patient engagement mainstream

Care Plans marry health records and predictive technology with dedicated care teams to arm every patient with a personalized care blueprint, identify the most at-risk patients, and provide clear interventions when and where needed

Eden Health today announced the launch of proactive Care Plans. Integrated into all aspects of the Eden Health primary care experience, interactive and predictive Care Plans help patients stay on top of personal health and disease-prevention tasks. Eden Health Care Plans are a significant step in bringing modern longitudinal and patient-centric care into the primary care setting.

With digital-first care now mainstream, patients can access care when they want it, and on their own terms. Yet 78% of Americans still avoid or delay medical services, and 29% of Americans avoid or delay preventative care like annual check-ups and physicals.

Continuous patient engagement and comprehensive care journey management are built into Eden’s care model, which also allows for patients to spend extended time with their primary care doctor in a single appointment in addition to 24/7 access to Care Teams. With this model, 66 out of 100 eligible Eden patients are engaged in their care  with an average of 4.2 encounters with Eden clinicians per year.

“Whether due to cost, convenience, quality, or trust, many Americans are unable to engage in primary care. Our care model is built to reduce friction and to show our patients how simple it is to be active in their own care journeys,” said Anish Mehta, Medical Director of Care Transformation at Eden Health. “Care Plans are a natural next step in implementing a new kind of primary care, where clinical work is backed by technology to ensure longitudinal, patient centric care.”

Eden Health patients engage with Care Plans through the Eden Health app, and the Care Plans are reinforced through virtual and in-person care. Care Plans are featured prominently within the Eden Health app, recommending personalized next steps, after-visit summaries, and treatment plans for each patient. Predictive technology helps Eden identify preventative treatments for both lower-risk patients and higher-risk patients. Higher-risk patient populations may include patients not meeting treatment goals, undergoing complex treatments, or with particular comorbidities. Patients are reminded through their Care Plan to schedule follow up appointments, screenings, and annual wellness visits or adhere to elements of prescribed treatment.

“In our experience, Americans aren’t deliberately avoiding or delaying medical care. Rather, they aren’t getting the care they need because existing care models simply make it too difficult. Traditional healthcare puts too much on the patient rather than being rooted in continuous engagement and comprehensive care management,” said Matt McCambridge, co-founder and CEO, Eden Health. “Care Plans are just the first step in helping patients think differently about how they experience and define good healthcare. Preventative care—supported by proactive care planning and long term relationships with trusted care providers—is the next evolution in quality care.”

Eden Health Care Plans are now available in the Eden Health app for all patient members. To learn more, please visit

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