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Edgeworx released Edgeworx Cloud

Edgeworx, an edge computing company and Google Cloud Partner, is pleased to release Edgeworx Cloud, an enterprise-focused edge native platform on the Google Cloud Marketplace. Co-founded by Kilton Hopkins, an edge computing and computer vision AI veteran, Edgeworx has set the bar for scalable edge architecture, with simplicity and security.

Edgeworx Cloud provides an enterprise-grade foundational edge platform without customer-managed Kubernetes clusters, complicated networking, or custom infrastructure. A secured and decoupled data plane carries all data from device-to-device, microservice-to-microservice, and host-to-client over on-demand private internets obfuscating traffic to everyone, including Edgeworx. The lightweight and hardware agnostic agent unifies heterogeneous fleets, which otherwise require specialized and disjointed effort to maintain. Edge deployments and devices can be rolled out and directly managed from any network, no VPN or tunneling required, minimizing effort for developers to remotely orchestrate nodes.

Companies require remote orchestration, localized processing, and more efficient data upstreaming, yet they frequently invest years of time and capital to achieve these goals. Edgeworx Cloud solves that problem. Edgeworx Cloud streamlines operations and cuts costs, allowing businesses to focus on innovation and growth without being burdened with edge computing architecting and implementation. ROI is no longer DOA by having to pay for R&D, maintenance, or extended employee training on atypical architectures.

“Edgeworx made our edge node configuration and management easy and allowed us to focus our efforts on developing the software necessary to run our lab operations, rather than just focusing on managing our edge nodes!” – Erin Lewis, Senior Software Engineer, Robotics Integrations, Strateos

Unlike other cloud products, Edgeworx Cloud keeps data away from itself and lets users truly own and delegate where their information belongs, whether it is on-site, in Google Cloud, or any other major cloud provider.

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