EHR Software Provider Osmind Partners with Practolytics


Leading psychiatry and ketamine EHR partners with the nation’s leading Spravato billing company to help increase insurance coverage of innovative mental health treatments

Osmind, the leading ketamine, psychiatry, and treatment-resistant mental health electronic health record (EHR) software provider, has established a strategic partnership with Practolytics, a provider of revenue cycle management services with a focus on Spravato, ketamine, and general psychiatry headquartered in Columbia, SC.

The partnership was established to help providers successfully run their practices and more seamlessly accept insurance. This ultimately increases access for patients seeking mental health services. Providers who choose to partner with Practolytics for their revenue cycle management services will get a free subscription of Osmind EHR. By partnering together, Osmind and Practolytics can offer a provider a full suite of services, from EHR to practice management to billing services.

Osmind and Practolytics have established themselves as leaders in their fields. Osmind’s EHR is the market leader in treatment-resistant mental health, serving practices that offer ketamine, Spravato, TMS, medication management, and other services that help refractory patients. Osmind EHR is one of the few EHRs that seamlessly automates the Spravato REMS process. The EHR has built-in notes and other workflows for these treatments. It is also the only EHR that seamlessly integrates measurement-based care, automatically reminding patients to self-report outcomes and alerting clinicians in real-time about patients’ health.

Practolytics helps providers recover the reimbursement they rightly earned. They have become the nation’s leading revenue cycle management partners for psychiatry practices focused on Spravato. Practolytics has designed a system that secures maximum reimbursement and streamlines prior authorization from commercial payers, allowing providers to focus on delivering the best care to their patients.

“Insurance coverage for mental health treatments, especially more intensive, innovative therapies like ketamine and Spravato, has been very challenging. Providers have to resort to cash pay because of the challenges getting full reimbursement from insurance. This makes it harder for patients to access these breakthrough therapies,” said Lucia Huang, CEO and co-founder of Osmind. “At Osmind, our mission is to maximize patient access to innovative treatments that can help where other therapies fail. We are excited to partner with Practolytics, who shares our mission of better empowering providers, thereby increasing access for patients.”

Osmind is already a leader in the field to help obtain insurance coverage for breakthrough treatments such as ketamine, which is an FDA-approved anesthetic that is an increasingly popular off-label treatment for depression, pain, and other conditions. Osmind has spearheaded the Ketamine Taskforce as its technology partner, collecting research data to help petition for insurance coverage.

“We are very excited to work with Osmind’s provider clients as new and cutting-edge treatment modalities come on line,” says Manik Chawla, CEO of Practolytics. “A provider can have at its disposal the greatest, most effective treatment ever, but if he or she cannot get reimbursed by an insurer, it becomes impractical to offer it. It is the patients that lose. Practolytics will ensure that providers can offer such treatments to their patients and have the confidence that they will get paid for their valuable time and effort.”

Osmind is a Public Benefit Corporation founded with the goal of maximizing patient access to innovative mental health treatments. Osmind is the #1 EHR focused on treatment-resistant mental health practices in the country with hundreds of practices in nearly 40 states. The EHR is uniquely integrated with a patient mood tracker mobile app, allowing treatment-resistant mental health clinics to deliver the best possible care for their patients. Osmind aims to empower providers, improve patient care, and accelerate research. For more information, please visit or email

Practolytics is a 20+ year old healthcare technology and management company. Partnering with healthcare practices, Practolytics provides end-to-end solutions to the constant shifting sands of healthcare reimbursement. It empowers healthcare practices by offering such services as medical billing, best practices consulting, and deep dive analytics, allowing practices to eliminate revenue cycle management inefficiencies. Through its specialized focus and expertise, Practolytics maximizes revenue and increases profitability for its valued clients. For more information, please visit or email

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