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Elemental Machines announced partnership with Ganymede Bio

Elemental Machines, developer of the Intelligent Operations Platform, has entered into a partnership with Ganymede Bio, the cloud infrastructure provider purpose-built for the life sciences and manufacturing industries, to extend the digital range of life sciences operators.

The partnership will allow Elemental Machines and Ganymede to better serve laboratory and manufacturing professionals with increased connectivity and access to data in a single digital platform. The combination of Elemental Machines’ hardware and environmental data with Ganymede’s analytical and scientific data enables users to view a more complete picture of their facilities both at a scientific and operational level.

Ganymede’s Lab-as-Code scientific data and instrument integration platform unites everything from analytical instrument data to laboratory information management systems (LIMS) and more in a single FAIR cloud. The company’s off-the-shelf instrument and app connectors and data automation systems can automate scientific analysis and produce powerful visualizations for data in the lab, automatically pulling data entry into electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs) or LIMS. With Ganymede, scientists save as much as 20 percent of their time by eliminating manual data tasks and organizations are empowered to more easily build a rich data lake for IT and data science teams.

Elemental Machines’ unique Intelligent Operations Platform is comprised of Internet of Things (IoT) hardware and software that offers real-time and historical monitoring data of essential equipment and environmental factors. Operators can leverage this data along with insights generated by the company to make data-driven decisions and take meaningful actions that improve reproducibility and minimize errors in scientific processes.

“Labs are more complicated than ever before, and data flows not only from analytical and other lab instruments, but also from IoT-enabled devices and equipment,” said Nathan Clark, Cofounder and CEO of Ganymede. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Elemental Machines to help life science organizations gather every speck of data and context from across the lab. Elemental Machines’ connectivity to the hardware and the physical lab environment through sensor data is unparalleled and is an ideal complement to Ganymede. For instance, in combination, our technologies can be used to correlate instrument utilization and calibration with scientific outcomes or build AI-driven digital twins to monitor and control processes.”

Elemental Machines and Ganymede’s partnership enables connections and access to analyze data from a wide range of analytical instruments and equipment along with high-powered robotics platforms, bioreactors, and more. The integrations and data analytics from both companies provide a more comprehensive digital data stream for ELNs, LIMS, and manufacturing execution systems (MES), to name a few.

Another example of the combined power of the technologies is through the linkage of ambient humidity and temperature data collected by Elemental Machines from life sciences facilities with the scientific results from the instruments and equipment in that space, captured by Ganymede. This contextualized data will enable scientists and manufacturing engineers to identify and optimize variables and conditions that will improve scientific and manufacturing outcomes.

“We are excited to join with Ganymede and add value for our customers’ digitally integrated laboratory,” said Kevin Ghiasi, Vice President of Integrations and Global Alliances at Elemental Machines. “Through an integration with Ganymede, customers will gain insights about how their lab and manufacturing equipment are performing in addition to their scientific data and analysis.”

To learn more about the partnership, come meet the teams at the Future Labs Live USA conference between Wednesday, October 4th and Thursday, October 5th. Ganymede will be in booth #601 and Elemental Machines will be in booth #616. For updates on the release of this integration, make sure to sign up here.

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