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Elucidata Joins the Tetra Partner Network

TetraScience, the Scientific Data Cloud company, announced today that Elucidata, whose data-centric platform Polly powers biological discovery with ML-ready biomedical data, has joined the Tetra Partner Network to accelerate the use of Machine Learning (ML) in life sciences R&D, with the Tetra Scientific Data Cloud™.

“Where machine learning has encountered large-scale, organized scientific data sets, fundamental breakthroughs have been derived,” said Alan Millar, Ph.D., V.P., Tetra Partner Network. “By combining over 1.5 million ML-ready datasets curated by Polly with contextualized experimental data from the Tetra Scientific Data Cloud, our partnership accelerates data-driven discoveries.

Successful ML initiatives are built on high-quality data. Elucidata’s Polly provides access to clean and curated biomedical datasets fit for any tool, pipeline, or ML model. Used on over 1.5 million datasets from various public sources, Polly leverages unique Bio-Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to rapidly curate biomedical data with human-levels of accuracy. Elucidata’s customers have leveraged these datasets to fast-track the drug target identification process critical for developing a therapy from 1-2 years to mere months, thus accelerating time to patient.

While many biopharmaceutical companies recognize the potential offered by ML, most still lack the prerequisite data engineering to make scientific data liquid and actionable. The Tetra Scientific Data Cloud centralizes and harmonizes scientific data to a vendor-neutral format – Tetra Data – making it available for advanced analytics.

“R&D teams typically have to spend 80% of their time sourcing and preparing data before they can even run an algorithm,” said Abhishek Jha, Co-Founder and CEO, Elucidata. “By partnering with Tetrascience we can combine data engineering with Bio-NLP to scale efficiency and de-risk ML initiatives with high quality datasets”

“The Tetra Scientific Data Cloud uniquely produces Tetra Data which efficiently and expeditiously moves biopharmaceutical customers up the data journey to their ultimate goal of utilizing ML,” said Patrick Grady, Chairman and CEO, TetraScience. “We are pleased to partner with forward-looking partners such as Elucidata who are delivering powerful solutions based on open movement of engineered scientific data.”

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