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enosix, Inc. opens New European Headquarters in Munich, Germany

enosix, Inc., the leading technology provider of real-time, prebuilt SAP process integration solutions, is thrilled to announce the opening of its EMEA Headquarters in Munich on April 25th. This strategic move reaffirms enosix’s commitment to revolutionizing real-time SAP data and business process accessibility across organizations’ critical systems to ensure superior business outcomes globally.

As the sole solution delivering 100% real-time SAP data experiences, enosix recognizes Munich as a pivotal market for delivering localized support to both customers and front-end partners. The launch coincides with the Salesforce World Tour on April 25, where enosix will formally introduce the new brand and its German office. By unlocking the full potential of SAP data and processes, enosix facilitates real-time integration that activates front-end platforms such as Salesforce and Mulesoft.

Who is enosix?

enosix provides real-time access to valuable data and processes across major verticals including manufacturing, energy & utilities, life sciences and retail. With Germany boasting a robust manufacturing and industrial base heavily reliant on SAP systems, the nation is actively pursuing digital transformation initiatives to maintain competitiveness. This entails modernizing legacy systems to meet evolving customer expectations and harnessing data analytics for informed decision making and enhanced digital experiences.

The inauguration of the EMEA Headquarters in Munich on April 25th signifies a significant milestone in enosix’s quest to not only enhance efficiency but also foster transformative human experiences on a global scale. With its expanded presence in EMEA and a steadfast commitment to unlocking 100% accurate SAP process integration, enosix is poised to propel global businesses to unprecedented heights.

German companies transition from one-stop solutions to tailor-made strategies

With a substantial concentration of SAP customers in the German market, enosix’s launch comes at a crucial juncture when global organizations are reevaluating their digital transformation models and transitioning from ECC to S/4HANA.

Empowering European businesses to streamline their processes by unlocking accurate SAP process integration in real time, enosix stands apart from one-stop tools prevalent in the German market. By affording customers choice and flexibility, enosix empowers them to develop successful best-of-breed strategies and tailor solutions to their specific requirements. Given the prevailing macroeconomic landscape, prioritizing solutions that streamline processes, are error-free and drive growth is imperative for German companies.

“In the current market environment, it’s vital for German companies to capitalize on digital transformation and optimize their opportunities for transformative growth. This is where we can disrupt the status quo by offering optimal solutions that create significant impact in the areas of revenue generation, cost/margin optimization, and human capital optimization. Utilizing data and business processes in real-time is more critical than ever before, particularly with the increased integration of AI and the growing importance of a human user experiences,” remarks Gerald Schlechter, Founder and CSO at enosix. “Munich will serve as the epicenter for our EMEA operations, fostering closer engagement with our valued customers and partners across Germany and Europe.”

enosix has witnesses substantial growth over the past year, with nearly half of its EMEA business centered in Germany. By synergizing enosix’s SAP integration expertise with any industry-leading platform, enosix is empowering businesses and expediting their digital transformation journey so they can unlock their full growth potential.

For interview requests with Gerald Schlechter, founder and CSO at enosix, or further information, please contact If you are on site during the Salesforce World Tour event on April 25th, we cordially invite you to meet with Matthias Hussl, Strategic Business Leader, Melanie Abel, Strategic Business Leader, Melanie Strasser, Account Executive, or Matthias Schlechter, Solution Engineer at enosix.

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