Enquire AI Integrates Open AI’s GPT-3 Model into Insights Platform

Enquire AI, the company behind patented AI-powered knowledge discovery technology products Pulse Marketplace and Lumina, is excited to announce the deployment of a new product release that integrates with OpenAI’s GPT-3 model. The result is a unique, powerful combination of AI-generated insights and human-generated expertise and analysis. Imagine a search tool powered by a trio of trusted sources: top-tier business consultants and sector executives, in-platform data, and Open AI’s GPT-3 model.

For years, Enquire AI has been at the forefront of leveraging AI to power consultant and freelance subject matter queries and insights in minutes to solve business challenges. The recent integration of OpenAI’s GPT-3 model powers new platform features, including the enhancement of search querying capabilities. What is already a powerful AI suite of expertise search tools that combines expert query, matching, response validation and delivery is now strengthened with GPT-3 powered question enhancement and quick response features. For Enquire AI’s users at enterprise clients, this means a platform that’s easier to navigate.

“This integration is an exciting new chapter in the fast-paced evolution of AI and human intelligence,” said Enquire CEO, Cenk Sidar. “By integrating with OpenAI’s tools and models, our Enquire AI platform delivers decision-makers context and analysis faster than any other expert knowledge platform. This latest release empowers our clients with new tools for accessing the intelligence required to make smarter business decisions in seconds.”

The new release impacts Enquire AI’s core product solution, Pulse Marketplace, a global expert network powered by over 320,000 knowledge assets in over 200 countries and growing. Pulse Marketplace is currently utilized by enterprise clients globally including top consulting firms and Fortune 500 companies.

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