Enquire AI Purchases Land in the Enterprise Metaverse

Enquire AI, the world’s leading AI-powered platform leveraging global subject-matter expertise in real-time, announced today the purchase of virtual land in the Sandbox Metaverse. The land will be used to host expert meetings in the metaverse, preparing Enquire AI’s enterprise clients to be ready for the anticipated future of remote immersive collaboration and learning.

The announcement comes at an exciting time as the metaverse continues to accelerate at a record speed and as major enterprises such as Adidas, Binance, Atari and PWC begin to enter the metaverse landscape. The purchase of this virtual land furthers Enquire AI’s goal to continue building a strong narrative around XR technologies, blockchain and data strategy and provide more immersive, real-life experiences for global meetings.

“We are constantly exploring new and helpful ways to facilitate client-expert engagement,” said Cenk Sidar, CEO and Co-Founder of Enquire AI. “Over the last two years, we have been investing heavily in R&D, focusing on machine learning and AI technologies to provide the best matching and content verification in the market. As the latter evolve and become a firm part of our work life, we believe we will be hosting our first expert-client meeting in the metaverse in the not-too-distant future.”

This purchase marks the beginning of a long journey for Enquire AI as it works towards transitioning from leading the industry from Web2 to Web3 in combining human, data, and technology science, all of which is in line with the company’s core mission. It also furthers Enquire AI’s focus on its expert network, connecting the world’s leading enterprises with premier subject expertise through its AI-powered platform. This comes at an opportune time as the expert-network industry sees an immense increase in Venture Capitalist investment.

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