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Enterprise SaaS Management Platform Productiv and Miro Partner

Today Productiv, the leading enterprise SaaS Management Platform, announced it is partnering with online whiteboard tool Miro to improve how company employees collaborate and maximize the value of communication applications like Miro. The partnership will provide greater visibility into how company teams are leveraging Miro for new collaboration practices, including real-time feature usage.

The rapid shift to remote work during the past year had many companies looking for new and more creative ways to collaborate and bring teams together – anytime, anywhere. Miro’s app, which has over 20 million users, plays a critical role in keeping teams of all sizes thriving and innovating when they cannot meet around the traditional whiteboard. But as teams adopted new online technology to better communicate and collaborate, companies struggled to better understand usage and adoption of SaaS applications. Many enterprises have turned to Productiv’s platform, which provides real-time visibility into application usage, down to the team and feature level.

“Improving how employees engage with SaaS apps is core to our mission,” says Munish Gandhi, COO of Productiv. “We’re seeing adoption of Miro increase rapidly across our customers, and they’re asking for deeper insights to help drive usage, adoption and collaboration. We’re excited to partner with Miro on their new Enterprise API to help our shared customers tap into the passion of their employees and encourage great ideas to blossom.”

“Our new integration with Productiv helps make life easier for IT departments by streamlining tools and access for our customers,” said Steven Miller, Head of Enterprise Partnerships at Miro. “Working with Productiv will allow admins more time to focus on maximizing adoption and less time auditing applications, collecting data and tracking down licenses.”

Real-time insights

Now Miro customers can see real-time feature usage and multiple key metrics across their organization, including how many users created a project, shared a board or created a template. Productiv combines over 100 million data points each day across multiple systems to provide a holistic picture. For example, integrations with HR systems provide team-level insights and can even show which departments are collaborating. These insights enable organizations to go beyond login data and see how employees are using Miro day-to-day.

Streamlined license management

IT departments have limited time, and the rapid increase in SaaS applications can often impact resources. Now with Productiv and Miro, IT leaders and administrators can manage licenses and set up automated de-provisioning rules within the Productiv platform.

Maximum value and adoption

Companies will continue to invest in collaboration tools, and both Miro and Productiv are focused on maximizing the value of those tools. Productiv and Miro want to help companies answer questions like: which teams are using these tools the most, and what are best practices across the organization? The answers will help CIOs continue to build better SaaS platforms, and maximize collaboration and productivity.

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