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Entitle Launches With $15M in Seed Funding

Glilot Capital Partners leads round joined by a network of high-profile CISOs and angel investors

Entitle today announced that it has exited stealth with $15 million in seed financing and launched its cloud permissions management platform. The round was led by Glilot Capital Partners with participation by angel investors including more than 10 CISO’s from Unicorn companies. Founded in 2021 by two former members of an elite team within the Israel Defense Force’s renowned Unit 8200, Entitle applies their expertise in deep learning, security operations and vulnerability research to deliver a cloud permissions management platform that fuses a security-first approach with a commitment to business enablement.

With the rapid adoption of cloud-based apps and infrastructure, IT and DevOps teams find themselves responsible for hundreds of thousands of permissions. Outnumbered and without consolidation or automation, security teams struggle to strike the right balance between being over-permissive to enable the business and giving just enough access to ensure security. This has caused crisis levels of entitlement sprawl, with security teams lacking the visibility and control needed to fix it, until now.

Introducing Entitle’s Cloud Permission Management Platform:
Entitle’s SaaS-based platform transforms how employees access cloud-based resources. It automates access requests and grants to prevent entitlement sprawl and save IT and DevOps teams a significant amount of effort. Entitle eliminates provisioning-related bottlenecks so security leaders can painlessly enforce the Principle of Least Privilege while maintaining a seamless user experience. Entitle’s platform features:

  • Self-Service Requests and Decentralized Approvals: Employees request the permissions they need via Slack, Teams, Jira, or email. With Entitle driving the approval process, IT and DevOps teams are no longer solely accountable for approving requests from people they don’t know to apps they’re not responsible for. Approval decisions are delegated to business unit owners for better context and authorizations that Security can trust.
  • Dynamic Provisioning: Entitle speeds up access grants to enable security teams to create dynamic authorization policies that change with dynamic infrastructure and employee needs. This includes the ability to provide just-in-time access to sensitive resources, ensuring permissions are only given when needed and removed once they are not. Security can set fine-grained access control policies for specific resources, be it a Google Drive folder or a Git repository.
  • Visibility, Governance, and Access Reviews: Instead of governing permissions across thousands of isolated resources, Entitle provides a centralized view of all permissions that employees and contractors have or had. Every access-related action is logged including who asked for permission, to what, who signed off on it, and why, establishing governance and automating the tasks involved with demonstrating support for SOC2, SOX and other compliance mandates. 

“As a cloud-native, digital insurance company, we approach security, audit, and compliance with the bionics of automation. Using Entitle, we’ve implemented self-service, just-in-time provisioning that follows proper security practices,” said Jonathan Jaffe, CISO, Lemonade, Inc. “Entitle made us more secure and delivers automation that saves us time and makes our team happy. For me, it has reduced much of the pain of access reviews and audits.”

“We invested in Entitle because its approach to solving the thorny, long-standing challenges of automatic provisioning stood out from the pack. Its platform is comprehensive, technically elegant, and the market is in real need for this type of solution,” said Arik Kleinstein, Co-founder and Managing Partner at Glilot Capital Partners.” We look forward to supporting the company as it executes on its vision to deliver frictionless permissions management.”

“Our expertise in the IDF was in operational security and the core problems underlying permissions management are operational. Entitle enables us to apply our military training to solve a tough, long standing IT problem,” said Ron Nissim, co-founder and CEO, Entitle. “The Entitle platform takes the risk management burden off DevOps teams and onto security, where it belongs. Our security-first approach eliminates the tradeoff between security and productivity and we’re excited to show what we bring to the table.”

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