Eon surpasses 1MM patients impacted by AI software and services

Eon, a leading provider of incidental findings and screening patient management software, announced today that it has surpassed 1MM patients impacted by their proprietary AI software and services.

Eon provides a cloud-based patient management platform that enables hospitals and health systems to capture and longitudinally track patients at risk for future catastrophic diagnoses, creating a stage shift in the early detection of cancer and possible prevention of ruptured aneurysms.

Dr. Aki Al-Zubaidi, Eon Founder & CEO, is an Interventional Pulmonologist who founded Eon in 2013 to solve a clinical problem he experienced firsthand – lung cancer was most often diagnosed at a late stage where the likelihood of survival for those diagnosed was low. He knew that by tracking patients with lung nodules found early on regular radiology exams, he could diagnose lung cancer at earlier stages. He also knew the solution Eon had created was scalable and has since been deployed for multiple diseases including Pancreas, Liver, Thyroid, AAA, and Breast, with a considerable number of disease solutions in development. Eon continues to lead with patient care at the forefront of its mission while providing solutions that create significant service line growth and impactful downstream revenue for its customers. 

“I am incredibly proud that we have achieved a significant milestone by positively impacting over 1,000,000 individuals,” said Dr. Al-Zubaidi. “This accomplishment is a testament to the dedication, tireless efforts, and collective action of our entire team, as well as our unwavering commitment to making patients healthy and healthcare affordable. We remain committed to the pursuit of further advancements as we continue to push boundaries, invest in innovative solutions, and strive for excellence in delivering life-saving solutions that make financial sense. Our ultimate goal is to touch the lives of millions more, creating a lasting impact on global healthcare outcomes.”

The Eon Patient Management (EPM) platform leverages computational linguistics, an advanced form of artificial intelligence, along with robust data science models to accurately capture incidental findings in healthcare records. EPM triages patients that need a follow-up exam, automates communication with patients and providers, and flags the care team when exams are ordered, completed, missed, or overdue. Eon also offers a tech-enabled care navigation service that helps hospital care teams offload administrative tasks and reach more patients. “Because of the early intervention that many of these people have received, their opportunity to live a full, healthy life has been positively impacted. These million patients represent our neighbors, brothers, sisters, parents and friends,” said Dr. Scott Skibo, Chief Medical Officer at Eon Health.

Today, Eon is used by over 45 health systems and 500+ facilities across the United States. Notable partner health systems include UCHealth, LifePoint Health, HCA Healthcare, Ascension, Hospital Sisters Health System, Cleveland Clinic, and Geisenger.

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