Ethical Web AI launches AI Seek 6.0

Generative AI app, Seek AI is now market-ready and has an extended free access period

Bubblr Inc., d/b/a Ethical Web AI (OTC: BBLR) – a frontrunner in ethical technology determined to revolutionize the digital domain, has released Version 6 of its innovative Generative AI app AI SeekAI Seek is market-ready, with all the necessary capabilities to be distributed by Ethical Web AI, as well as other marketing agencies, on a revenue share basis. In addition, Ethical Web AI offers an extended free period to use the app.

Until now, Ethical Web AI has made AI Seek available in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play store, primarily to garner opinion on the product. After the release of Version 5 of AI Seek, which uniquely provided embedded multimedia (images and videos, etc.), the Company has concluded that it is now demonstrably better than any of the competitive generative AI LLMs such as Chat GPT 4, Bard and Claude 2, it is now ready to take AI Seek to the market.

To do this, Ethical Web AI needed a new AI Seek app release – Version 6, that provides the additional capabilities essential for market adoption and is also suitable for distribution by third-party marketing partners on a revenue-sharing basis. Consequently, the Company has launched AI Seek Version 6, which contains the following new capabilities:

  • A default seven-day free trial period 
    Uniquely, AI Seek can now be utilized for free for seven days before being asked to subscribe to the app. This allows the consumer to try the app for free before buying a subscription. There is no registration process because AI Seek is uniquely anonymous for an AI LLM. Consumers can simply download AI Seek and use it for free immediately.
  • The provision of marketing attribution codes.
    Using marketing attribution on web pages is very straightforward, but delivering market attribution coding when installing apps is much more challenging. Despite the genuine challenges, the Ethical Web AI development team has managed to overcome them and implement a very innovative solution. 
  • Better management of search capacity 
    The capability for AI Seek users to be able to purchase more search capacity if their monthly allocation runs out through overuse.

Finally, we are also extending our existing one-week free access offer to two weeks of free access for those people who install the app before the end of February 2024.

Steve Morris, CTO and founder of Ethical Web AI remarked, “This is a crucial milestone for the Company as it allows us to engage third-party marketing companies to help us distribute AI Seek on a revenue-share basis. We are now extremely confident that AI Seek is demonstrably superior to Chat GT 4.

“From March 2023, AI Seek was our primary development focus. However, from the beginning of February 2024, we will focus on using most of our development capability to finalize the Ethical Web AI Open-Source SaaS platform to be demonstrable in Q2 this year.”

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