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Eureka Security announces new file sharing product capabilities

Eureka Security, the industry leader in Data Security Posture Management (DSPM), today announced the expansion of its product capabilities to cover all major cloud services due to its new adaptability to file-sharing applications, providing a holistic and integrated solution to protect data in SaaS, IaaS and PaaS. This growth in Eureka’s offering makes its platform the first DSPM solution to provide visibility and insights into how data is shared, accessed and used across SaaS, IaaS and PaaS cloud service models.

The use of sensitive data for business is crucial. The growing amount of sensitive data stored in cloud infrastructure and applications creates an increasing and constantly evolving data risk landscape for organizations. While SaaS, IaaS and PaaS platforms have native security controls, each with its own mechanisms and varying degrees of transparency, continuing to store and share sensitive data without comprehensive control and visibility in one holistic organizational security tool is risky.

The exposure of sensitive data – how broadly it is shared within and outside the organization and how it is used by users, services or other applications – is the main cause of data risk. In the past, reducing data exposure necessitated obstructing its use, which negatively impacted business processes. This was primarily due to the absence of security tools capable of effectively reducing risks and exposure without affecting business operations. Eureka Security built the first Data Security Posture Management platform that allows security teams to see where sensitive data is stored, what type of data it is, how it is managed and most importantly, who and what has access to it and how this access is being used.

Until now, Eureka Security has focused on addressing this risk and exposure for data stored in cloud infrastructure – public cloud services, data lakes and data warehouses – ensuring the security of applicative data stored at mass. Eureka’s new product capability allows organizations to leverage its platform to secure user-generated business content such as financial spreadsheets, strategy documents and other proprietary data stored in file-sharing applications such as Office 365, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and others, preventing its exposure beyond what is necessary and detect any suspicious or malicious activities associated with it. This unprecedented visibility and valuable insights into data storage and its use will allow security teams to reduce data exposure and receive real-time alerts when malicious actors compromise or access data.

Data is stored across and within various locations – public cloud, data lakes, data warehouses, SaaS applications such as CRMs and ticketing systems and file-sharing applications. Reviewing data access in one environment is no longer sufficient. “To truly understand if a user, a service or an application have access permissions to data, one must have visibility into all of the various applications and technologies which have access to sensitive data,” says Liat Hayun, CEO and co-founder of Eureka Security. “Eureka’s expansion into this space will now allow organizations to protect its sensitive data, wherever it may be.”

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