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European Startup Entire Digital Acquires

Entire Digital, the fastest-growing media tech player in Europe thanks to its proprietary technology for media outlets and products in SaaS, has acquired the American brand From fall 2020, the company will broaden its horizons by fully entering the global market with an acquisition that is an integral part of a strategy focused on the entire international market of information technology.

 Breaking the American market with the acquisition of is another big score for the tech company. Through this operation, managed by Dave Evanson – the Boston-based broker and expert in M&A of high value-added corporates, assets and domain names – Entire Digital aims to reinforce and expand its international strategy to create brand new opportunities in a new environment. It’s a commercial tactic focused abroad and one of the few examples of an Italian company acquiring in American territory, which will accelerate predictive algorithm generation and big data analysis for distinct kinds of content, signifying a grand entrance into the global market. 

The company will begin to use its resources and technology to renovate and provide new development and distribution environments in its unique platform. These come as part of the new plans of Founder and CEO Massimiliano Squillace, a serial entrepreneur who made four exits and has previous experience in the USA after taking part in the sale of OLX – founded by the millionaire serial entrepreneur Fabrice Grinda – to Naspers in addition to the sale of Nano Publishing to Excite.

As a result of this acquisition, will benefit from the full range of Entire Digital’s services, making available its platform for trend discovery, content production and recommendation, powered by its proprietary predictive algorithm and its competence and experience in the digital tech field. The company continues with its strategy geared towards brand globalization and, after Europe, expanding into the American market. 

After having raised $1.3 million in 2019, Entire Digital is now seeking to raise $4 million in Series A funding.

Entire Digital has developed an advanced system of proprietary AI as it continues to innovate in the content creation industry with an entirely algorithm-based approach, applicable to every kind of business online, and provide cloud services to every customer. AI and machine learning give millions of possibilities to every business: from marketing to sales and reputation management, offering the valuable in-depth content and tools that people need.

Machine learning algorithms learn and analyze a massive quantity of data using labeled examples to predict future requests and interests from customers: in fact, Entire Digital’s trend discovery process is managed by an algorithm that identifies the best trends at a given time and makes predictions about the output values. 

According to a machine-to-human interaction perspective, the content production phase is characterized by a hybrid production model of contributors from all over the world and machine learning.

Thanks to neural networks and big data processing, the company uses a Natural Language Generation system for content generation in fields such as economics or finance. The Natural Language Processing checks the quality and the veracity of automatic or man-made texts. The recommendation system is machine learning-based and suggests the exact content to the right user according to their navigation and likes.

Artificial intelligence and natural language meet deep learning algorithms to integrate with one another, producing outstanding results in different operative scenarios and applications. This will inevitably transform the face of every modern industry with some tools, even revolutionizing the way some producers create or edit content from texts to podcasts and videos. 

“We are particularly proud of this new acquisition of,” explained Massimiliano Squillace, Founder & CEO of Entire Digital. “This is going to enable us to test ourselves again, employing our services to renovate a stalling sector and widen our range of action to new playing fields. Since day one, Entire Digital has always been imagined as a multinational company, and is a realization of our purpose. We hope to improve the world we are living in by orienting ourselves towards targeted market growth and expansion, through a technology which makes the whole thing even more distinctive.”

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