Evisort Debuts New Brand Identity Reflecting Generative AI

Refreshed website and product design reinforce industry commitment to providing prescriptive insights and actionable contract intelligence

Evisort, the no-code contract intelligence platform loved by legal, procurement, finance and sales operation teams worldwide, today debuts a new brand identity as it reimagines the future of connected data and contract intelligence powered by AI. Evisort is aligning its message to reinforce the company’s commitment to creating cutting-edge AI solutions and delivering excellent customer experience.

The brand announcement ushers in a new era for Evisort. On Dec. 18, 2022, the company announced the industry’s first generative AI for contract drafting and negotiation, building on top of Evisort’s existing AI capabilities. The innovation from Evisort AI Labs delivers transparent, explainable contract recommendations that drive decision-making and contract execution. Large language models allow Evisort’s AI to draft, redline and negotiate contracts automatically. This new capability saves time by suggesting edits in line with a company’s preferred language and lets lawyers focus on more strategic tasks.

Contract negotiation is just the beginning of Evisort’s generative AI plans. Evisort continues to extend platform capabilities and invest in the customer experience to further the company’s mission of helping the business world make and keep its promises.

“Companies require more from AI. Evisort’s new brand strategy is focused on reimagining contract intelligence and legal technology that connects contract data,” said Michaela Dempsey, Evisort chief marketing officer. “In partnership with our customers, we are going above and beyond to build something special in the enterprise software space, a product whose users are passionate about how it makes their lives better.”

As generative AI products hit the market, what sets Evisort’s technology apart from other offerings is that its capabilities are uniquely tailored to a company’s existing and preferred contract language. Evisort AI Labs has trained and fine-tuned models that can negotiate and redline contracts on behalf of legal professionals. Simply by providing guidance on the preferred position for a clause, Evisort AI Lab’s generative AI engine can automatically generate redlines for a user to easily review and approve. This groundbreaking innovation can save significant time in document review and back-and-forth negotiations with a third party.

“Evisort’s technology adds a personal touch to AI, augmenting performance and empowering customers to unlock the full potential of their data,” said Dempsey.

In 2022, Evisort created the industry’s first smart OCR AI with multi-language capabilities and expanded its clause library to help customers accelerate end-to-end contracting. Evisort also became the first AI-native CLM company to be certified for both ISO 27001 for information security and ISO 27701 for privacy.

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