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Expert Cathy Hackl to Launch ‘Future Insiders Podcast’ on AI, More

The Future Insiders Podcast is all about the future of technology, business, and humanity. Whether you’re a techie or traditionalist, get ready to see & hear the future. Cathy Hackl, one of LinkedIn’s Top Tech Voices & a globally recognized futurist and author, has been to the far frontiers of tech and will present the possibilities of the tomorrows that are actually happening today. She’ll discuss the latest news from the world of emerging tech and bringing you the insiders who are making it happen.

During every episode, Cathy will talk with leading innovators about the future of life, business, and tech and break down the trends that are emerging and how tech on the fringe will become mainstream.

“Future Insiders explores every thinker, do-er and dreamer envisioning and enabling a better future for humanity,” said upcoming guest Kim Bates, Chief Futurist at Faith Popcorn’s Brain Reserve.

This podcast is for technology enthusiasts, early adopters, business leaders, and curious thinkers who want to better understand the tech trends that will impact their businesses, professions, and lives for years to come.

Some of the inaugural season’s guests include:

  • Esther Wojcicki, CEO of Global Monshoots in Education
  • Suzanne Gildert, founder of Sanctuary AI
  • Elena Chopyak of the International Rescue Committee
  • Andy Hines, world-renowned futurist, and director of the University of Houston Foresight Program
  • Keisha Howard, gaming influencer and founder of Sugar Gamers
  • Kaitlin Ugolik Phillips, author of The Future of Feeling

With more guests to come.

Some of the topics discussed include the future of education, how the IRC is using VR for security and safety training, what is foresight and what does a futurist do, the future of gaming and virtual presence, the future of feeling, and everything you wanted to know about synthetic humanoid robots.

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