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Federated Wireless announces an expanded relationship with Cisco

Cisco will integrate Federated Wireless AFC into Cisco Wireless 6-GHz capable access points to enable enterprise transformation with high capacity, high performance shared spectrum network access

Federated Wireless, a shared spectrum and private wireless leader, today announced an expanded relationship with Cisco to bring the ultra-high speed, capacity and scalability of Wi-Fi 6E to enterprises in markets worldwide. Cisco will integrate the Federated Wireless Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) solution into Cisco Wireless 6 GHz capable access points.

The companies plan to expand greater access to the increased range, faster connectivity speeds and improved capacity of Wi-Fi 6E to power enterprise-level digital transformation across a broad range of uses cases from Industry 4.0, smart cities, and campus automation to energy optimization, telehealth, smart agriculture and more.

In addition to shielding 6-GHz incumbents from interference, the Federated Wireless AFC will enable Cisco Wireless indoor and outdoor access points to maximize the use of available spectrum and transmit at higher power levels in the 6-GHz frequency band. This standard power functionality extends the range, performance and efficiency of wireless networks enabling advanced technology deployments such as automated robotics, digital twin logistics, automated intelligence and more.

“By leveraging our deep domain expertise in cloud automated spectrum management and close collaboration with leading companies like Cisco, we are enabling quicker time-to-market deployments,” said Kurt Schaubach, CTO of Federated Wireless. “We’re also working internationally to help define the rules for AFC system operations in countries looking to establish their own Wi-Fi 6E spectrum sharing systems.”

With the AFC solution, Federated Wireless extends its capabilities and market reach beyond its spectrum access system (SAS) for the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS). The company has become a driving force in expanding the Wi-Fi 6E ecosystem to bring end-to-end shared spectrum services to enterprises and carriers looking to utilize the 6-GHz band for innovative wireless deployments.

“Our enterprise customers rely on Cisco to solve complex challenges that can benefit from maximizing the 6-GHz spectrum across all use cases including outdoor, warehouses, stadiums, etc.,” said Yogesh Paliwal, Director, Product Management, Cisco Wireless. “Together with Federated’s expertise in shared spectrum, and demonstrated success in deploying high performing, reliable private wireless solutions, we can offer enterprise customers the scale and reliability they need to succeed in the digital era.”

Federated Wireless has already applied for approval for its AFC in Canada, and is working with ANATEL, Brazil’s national telecommunications agency to help define rules for AFC operations.

“Applying our spectrum management know how to previously unmanaged Wi-Fi bands presents a massive global market opportunity to deliver an AFC solution that harnesses the power of Wi-Fi 6E,” said Iyad Tarazi, CEO for Federated Wireless. “Our relationship with Cisco will expand market access worldwide and positions us to enable digital transformation in countless enterprise environments looking to optimize their operations, automate processes and extend broadband access to previously unconnected areas.”

Cisco is the latest to join a growing list of infrastructure vendors working with Federated Wireless to accelerate deployments of standard power indoor and outdoor access points to bring the benefits of shared spectrum through Federated’s AFC to customers seeking to leverage Wi-Fi 6E.

To date, Federated Wireless has signed commercial agreements with the leading enterprise WLAN access point manufacturers collectively responsible for 50% of the worldwide enterprise outdoor access point market, establishing Federated Wireless as the market leader for AFC. The company’s industry-leading technology and expanding ecosystem position Federated Wireless for full commercial operations ahead of anticipated full approval by the FCC.

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