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Ferrum Health launches as imaging AI platform on Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Industry leading AI solutions offered through the Ferrum Health Platform are now available within Oracle Cloud Marketplace, unleashing the potential of enterprise AI for health systems

Ferrum Health is proud to announce its launch as the first comprehensive healthcare AI platform available on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. This strategic partnership brings together Ferrum Health’s extensive AI application catalog and proprietary orchestration technologies with Oracle’s robust cloud infrastructure, offering health systems an opportunity for frictionless access and deployment of a range of transformative tools to improve clinical efficiencies and patient outcomes.

Through the integration of Ferrum Health’s AI Platform into the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, Oracle customers can now select from a wide variety of clinical use cases spanning specialties including: Cardiovascular, Oncology, Emergency Medicine, and Orthopedics. Selected use cases can be deployed for validation with a single click, reducing health system IT resources required to deploy enterprise-wide solutions at scale. Using Ferrum’s proprietary validation technologies, customers are able to review AI performance on their patient populations, without the need for extensive clinician review or labeling. AI application outputs combined with Ferrum’s validation analysis empowers clinicians with transparency into AI performance and provides the confidence to deploy directly into clinical practice.

“Ferrum Health’s presence on Oracle Cloud Marketplace aligns with the growing trend of health systems adopting AI solutions at enterprise scale that increase clinical efficiencies and quality of care,” states Pelu Tran, CEO, Ferrum Health. “The collaboration between Ferrum Health and Oracle Cloud Marketplace represents a significant step forward in the healthcare technology landscape. Together, these industry leaders are enabling health systems to navigate the complex challenges of modern healthcare with the power of AI, data-driven insights, and seamless cloud integration. By leveraging Oracle’s powerful cloud infrastructure, health systems can easily deploy Ferrum Health’s AI applications into their existing workflows without the requirement of significant IT resources.”

For more information about Ferrum Health’s AI solutions on Oracle Cloud Marketplace, please orOracle Cloud Marketplace.

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