Fibocom Unveils On-device AI Solutions at Computex 2024

Inevitably, the adoption of generative AI and LLM (Large Language Model) has fueled more intelligence and efficiency in our lives and works than in the past decade. Moving forward, the demand for running AI and LLM at the edge devices is growing as it provides lower latency, higher privacy, and more flexibility, which is set to redefine the level of intelligence of smart devices as well as broaden the landscape of mobile scenarios.

Fibocom (Stock code: 300638), a global leading provider of IoT (Internet of Things) wireless solutions and wireless communication modules, launches a series of on-device AI solutions powered by Qualcomm® QCS8550 and QCM6490 processors from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. The solutions are designed to satisfy compute-intensive application scenarios such as robotics, automated vehicles, video collaborations, smart retailing, etc., accelerating industrial digitalization and intelligent transformation.

Flagship on-device AI solution powered by Qualcomm QCS8550 processor

Utilizing the powerful Qualcomm QCS8550 processor, Fibocom’s flagship on-device AI solution is designed to deliver strong performance and unparalleled multimedia capabilities. Equipped with an octa-core CPU and an Adreno™ 740 GPU, the solution can support up to 4 concurrent displays, and 8K video encoding and decoding. It serves as a strong core for industries requiring high-definition video playing, fast data analytics and lower latency like automated vehicles, robotics, remote medical surgery, computer vision systems, live streaming, video conference systems, and more.

Premium on-device AI solution powered by Qualcomm QCM6490 processors, piloting the high-end AIoT market

The solution developed using the Qualcomm QCM6490 processor, features an octa-core processor with high-speed HVX (Hexagon Vector Extension) technology, and a high-performance graphics engine to allow smooth 4K video playing and multi-channel camera inputs. In addition, the solution is capable of allowing a maximum of 5 ISPs (Image Signal Processing) and up to 5-8 camera streams simultaneously, helping customers to ease their concerns on multi-camera deployments as well as dual-screen display scenarios. The solution offers flexible wireless connections such as 5G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and is equipped with a GNSS receiver for precise navigation both indoors and outdoors. In terms of software, the solution supports the mainstream operating systems: Android, Linux, and Windows. Leveraging the computing power of up to 13 TOPS, the solution efficiently helps customers handle data-intensive computation and processing, running various 1.3B/3B/7B open-source LLMs on the device, making it an ideal solution for smart retail, in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) and industrial inspection.

“We are excited to see our powerful Qualcomm processors, the QCS8550 and QCM6490, being utilized in Fibocom’s innovative on-device AI solutions,” stated Dev Singh, Vice President of Business Development and Head of building, enterprise & industrial automation at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to advancing AI capabilities at the edge, enhancing performance and efficiency across a range of applications from industrial automation to smart retail.”

“It is paramount to master the productivity of AI and create value-added solutions from the edge side for our customers that are in urgent need of building their smart devices based on our solutions. We are thrilled to develop these solutions based on the advanced and powerful chipsets from Qualcomm Technologies, as it not only provides the fundamental architecture of edge intelligence, also enriches flexibility in network connections such as 5G/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth,” said Ralph Zhao, VP of MC BU at Fibocom. “In collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, Fibocom is dedicated to injecting new versatility to the future of intelligence, and accelerating the implementation of our collaboration in robotics, industrial automation, live streaming, and more.”

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