Flatirons Fuse Invests in AI-Powered Data Onboarding

Flatirons Fuse, Inc. today expressed its intention to invest heavily in AI-powered data onboarding experiences in 2023. Data onboarding refers to the process of importing data that exists outside of a system, and it involves the process of validating that data and transforming it to match a format accepted by a target system. Data onboarding is commonly used to import historical customer data into a new software product.

Flatirons Fuse, a leader in data onboarding tools, currently utilizes AI to empower organizations to streamline the data import process, allowing them to accept CSV or spreadsheet files from any data source and quickly clean the data and import it into their own system.

“We believe that there exists a gigantic need for organizations to modernize the process of getting external data into their systems. We see a large opportunity for AI to provide intelligence that will assist in the process of converting data from external sources into a clean format that is ready to be imported into a system,” said Michael Frederick, CEO. “Organizations waste a tremendous amount of time and energy importing external data into their systems inefficiently. Flatirons Fuse is designed to eliminate the pain points associated with transforming, cleaning, and importing this type of data,” he added.

“In 2023, Michael says that Flatirons Fuse will start by adding new AI capabilities to its embeddable CSV import tool, which allows
businesses to install a branded CSV import experience in their websites to enable internal teams or customers to upload external data, transform it to a format that matches the target system, perform complex data validations, and ultimately import the newly cleaned data into the organizations’ systems.”

Importing external data and handling customer data onboarding needs can be a complex task. For smaller companies and startups, it is often critical to let customers bring their existing data to a new platform. This means taking the time and effort to make sense of external data, and convert it to a format that works for these companies. For larger enterprises, the process of importing external data via CSV file or any other means can be a very large and ongoing task, sometimes taking many months to successfully clean and import data into their systems. Flatirons Fuse strives to alleviate the headaches associated with dealing with external data, cleaning that data, and importing it into a new system.

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